God Never Harms Us

Krishna Rama

Krishna Rama

Yes. God will never cause harm to us, but we are only harming him by the way of scolding him for our own sufferings! God is formless and at the same time, he can be worshipped in any form, like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Vinayaka, Ayyappa and Muruga. If we hear about the miraculous incidents happened in the lives of the devotees, then we would never scold god, but, we would get joyful tears from our eyes. All the deities present in the temples must be considered as real, and they must be worshipped as if they contain blood, flesh and nerves similar to us. Deities are not fictitious ones, and they must never to be considered as mere dolls.

Deities have got the powers enough to extract the sins from us. Worshipping the deities present in the temple tower is considered to be a good act, since those deities contain equivalent powers similar to the ones which dwell in the temples. Lord Kalabhairava and Ma Pratyangiri Devi though they are considered to be ferocious deities, but they are soft and gentle deities before the eyes of their true devotees. These deities would remove the badness from their devotees such as black magic, and would give good health and also would boost our energy levels.

Lord Rama had ordered Vibhishana to cremate Ravana, after he was killed by him. Though Ravana was a big enemy to Rama, yet, after his death, Rama considered him similar to his own brother. When Prahalada had mistakenly fought with Nara and Narayana, both of them had forgiven Prahalada for his mistake, praised Prahalada for his valour, and also allowed him to worship them.Lord Krishna even after killing various demons had granted salvation to them, with the intention, that their sins were fully burnt.

Still now, god is permitting us to do anything as we please. God is not causing any harm to us, but only our bad deeds cause great harm to us. Hence, let us strongly believe that all the deities, saints and demigods are our true saviours and protectors, and they must be considered as our well-wishers, and from now onwards, let us aim to do only good deeds in our life.


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