Lets Fix the image of God on our soul

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Lets Fix the image of God on our soul… Let’s fix the image of the deities like Murugan, Krishna, Ayyappa, Vinayaka, Shakti, Shiva and Vishnu on our soul, in order to develop more bhakti, to get rid from worldly illusions and also to develop more memory powers. This method would also help us to avoid thinking about unnecessary matters and also we could avoid fixing the images of unnecessary people on our mind. Our great Bhakta Prahalada and Bhakta Dhruva have permanently fixed the image of Lord Vishnu on their soul, and that’s why there were able to shine brightly in their spiritual life.

Most of the teenagers used to fix the image of their so-called lovers, and in their imagination, they would float in their dream world. Some youngsters would criticise their friends, as ‘GNANA PAZHAM’, the divine fruit, if they sincerely worships the god. In general, it is very easy to do wrongful acts, whereas doing good act is very difficult, since it requires lot of tolerance and patience. Images of the child deities and child devotees could be easily fixed into our mind, since we would never forget about their pleasing smile. Some people would be having bad dreams during their sleep, and if those people fix the image of the deity on their soul before going to the bed, then they would get good spiritual dreams during the time of their sleep.

Pusalar, had become a great Nayanmar Saint, since he permanently fixed the image of Lord Shiva on his soul, and also built a wonderful temple for Lord Shiva on his soul itself. Parents must insist their children to fix the image of the deities on their soul, during the time of their childhood itself, in order to avoid mind related diseases like mental disorders, autism, and nervous disorders. Ma Panchali was able to come out from her problem at the palace of Kauravas, since she strongly fixed the image of Lord Krishna on her soul, and cried for his help.

But for ordinary people like us, fixing the image of the god would be very difficult, but if we keep on trying to develop the good habit, then one day we would succeed in our task. Apart from fixing the deities pictures on our puja room, we also must have to fix the images of the deities on our soulin order to attain the divine grace of the god.


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