How to Please Lord Krishna

Lord Radha Krishna

Lord Radha Krishna

How to please Lord Krishna by our acts is the question of most of the Krishna devotees. We can please Lord Krishna in so many different ways, like standing in front of our picture and offering our humble worship, offering the holy Prasad items which is liked by him, like butter, ghee and sweets and snacks items made out of butter. If we joyfully eat tasty delicious items, then why can’t first we offer those things to our dear Lord Krishna?

Even during the time of our cough, Sneeze, hiccups, yawning and during the time of our sleep, we have to remember about Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings tells to Arjuna, “Oh my Dear Arjuna, I would get satisfied even if my devotee offers me a small Tulasi leaf with pure heart. I didn’t expect any type of costly or delicious things to be offered to me, all I expect from my devotees, is to offer any kind of simple thing, but with full of bhakti on their soul”. If we read the wonderful incidents related with Lord Krishna, then we would be delighted that how the great Lord showers his kindness even to his dear and economically weak devotees like Ma Kururamma, Choka Mela and Savata Mali.

Though Krishna ask us to dedicate a small thing to him as a Prasad, however based on our financial status, we have to dedicate some costly things to him like buying costly garments and golden ornaments in order to adorn it to the deity present in the Krishna Temples. If parents are interested to decorate their children with rich garments and ornaments, then why can’t they do it even to our little and kind-hearted boy Krishna?

The great Varkari Saints like Meerabai, Sakkubai and Thukaram had pleased Lord Krishna through their mesmerising spiritual songs on Lord Krishna. Similar to them, we can also try to learn music, and must dedicate our spiritual songs to Lord Krishna. The great Bhagavata Sri Prahalada had even sacrificed his life itself for several times during the Krita Yuga, and what’s why still his name and fame spread all over the world. In the Pandharpur Panduranga Temple also, a small shrine for Prahalad Maharaj is dedicated, and I came to knew about this by watching one YouTube Video about Pandharpur Temple.

If we please god, then surely he will please us, and this is like the playing of a Boomarang!
Hence let us try to please Lord Krishna through various methods, and let us always keep thinking about that, and we must alsohave to put it in practice!


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