No one is Orphan in this world as God only serves us as our True Parent

Yes. It is 100% true. God only serves as our true parent, and especially for those who lost their parent at their young age. Human beings life is temporary only, and losing the lives of our near and dear ones could happen to us at any time. Some children and even some grown up people would commit suicides if they lost their close relatives. Committing suicides is not to be considered as a good act, since it is against the wishes of the god. God never recommends anyone to commit suicides if they suffer from any problems in their lives. Instead of that, he would find out the ways, and also would try to adjust our Karmic deeds in order to stop committing suicides.

We could see that most of the children in the orphanages would contain a smiling face, and they also would lead a happy life, and they contain this type of mentality due to the grace of the god. God would be permanently present in the souls of the depressed, suppressed and the neglected ones, and he would give good confidence to them in their every walk of life.

We can’t expect our parents to live with us till our death, since due to age related factors, they would definitely die at their old age, and instead of crying due to the unbearable loss, we could concentrate more and more attention on the god. We should always feel that god shows great mercy on us, and he stays permanently on our soul. If we take the example of the divine persons like Swaminarayan, Seshadri Swamigal and Adishankara, they have lost their parents at their young age itself, still due to their spiritual strength they were able to control the big sorrow happened in their life.

Young children must have to develop the habit of offering prayers to the god at their young age onwards, since by doing that, they would get lot of courage and willpower, and even in case, if they lose their parents at their young age, they could able to lead their life successfully by considering “GOD” as their true parent.


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