Apology to the God

We should not hesitate to seek apology to the god, because sometimes we used to scold him for our own difficulties. We should understand one thing very clearly, and that is, god is not in any way held responsible for our own actions, and we are only responsible for our actions, whether it is good or not. But however, due to our unbearable sufferings, we used to get angry with him, since he is the creator of the whole world. Actually the laid down rules of the god is very strict and nobody could escape from that.

For example, even if unknowingly harm a small ant, even that small sinful act would also be taken into consideration and based on that, we would have to take the birth of the ants in our subsequent births, and someone would be killing us. Likewise, if we scold others, and if we hurt anyone through verbally or physically, then for that, we have to get scolding from someone else, and this is a type of cyclical activity, and it is based on actions and reactions. We would have read in some ancient Puranas, that even due to the commitment of some small mistakes, some good natured people had suffered a lot in their lives.

We could also noticed that there are lot of ups and downs in the lives of the people in the earth, and it is based on the willfulness of the god, and no one cannot cross question the god for his acts. Actually god is not having the interest to make the people to suffer in the earth. Those who are all born in this earth are mere mortals, and everyone must have to compulsorily die on one day, since in this planet earth, nobody can conquer the death. Then how come we would live in this earth with full of difficulties till the time of our death? The answer for this is, if we keep on praying to the god, at least, he would make us to take our difficulties in a light manner.

If we frequently think only about our worries, then that itself would give lot of problems in our body also, like suffering from headache, Breathing and Blood pressure problems etc. Hence whatever problems we may have, we should not take it seriously, and we have to build lot of humour sense within us, in order to forget our worries. If we laugh whole heartedly at least for a few minutes in a day, then all of worries would fly away from us.


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