Praise the God even when we have been thrown out in fire

Even when we have been thrown out in the fire by someone, we must not curse the god, and at that time also, we have to pray to him wholeheartedly. If we develop sincere bhakti on the almighty, even the fire god would not cause harm to us, and even if we have been burnt […]

Divine Mantras alone would Cure our Diseases

Divine mantras are having the powers even to cure dreaded diseases like cancer, leprosy and tuberculosis. In Hinduism, Mantras are given more importance, and in almost all the temples, mantras would be chanted for several times by the priests in order to please the divine deities. Lord Dhanvantri is considered as the god of medicine, […]

Problems and Solutions

We are daily thinking that we are only suffering from lot of problems in our life. Problems are common for everyone, and even the great Lord Krishna had suffered from lot of problems in his life, and once he has to prove his innocence, when the Syamantaka Jewel issue was raised by Satrajit. At the […]

God only shows Sympathy on us

We can expect sympathy only from the god, and we cannot expect it from anywhere else. Whenever we are in need of help from anyone, instead of approaching them directly, if we pray to the god, and then if we ask them, they would willfully help us. God only hears our cries and consoles us […]

Treating Handicaps with God’s grace

Kartaveeryarjuna sahasra arjuna

God is having the powers to remove the handicaps from our body and in our mind. During the Treta Yuga, the great king KartaviryaArjuna was born without hands and legs, and due to that he suffered a lot. After getting the advice from his mother, he went to the forest, and performed severe penance on […]

Spiritual Thoughts on Almighty even before Birth

We must have to develop strong bhakti on the almighty even before our birth. We can take the great Bhakta Prahalada as an example for this. When Prahalada was in the womb of his mother Kayadu, Devarishi Narada used to tell divine stories about Lord Vishnu to Kayadu, and it was sincerely heard by the […]


Divinity is related to the almighty, and it gives good support in our life. By showing our love and affection on others is also considered as divinity, since all good activities would please the great almighty. Divinity can be found in the faces of the great sages, saints and avatars like Rama and Krishna. Divinity […]

Jivatma and Paramatma

In simple terms, Jivatma refers to ordinary mortals, whereas Paramatma refers to the supreme god. Jivatma can also be referred to as the souls of the living beings in the world. And if a Jivatma realizes the god in his soul, then there is a possibility for him to merge with Paramatma, and it can […]

Bowing head before the Almighty

We must have to always bow our hands and heads before the great almighty. God is the universal master, and he is the father and mother for all the living beings in the earth. God contains great spiritual powers, and only through his super natural powers, we are all peacefully living in this earth. We […]

Anything can be made Possible with God’s grace

Anything can be made possible through the grace of the almighty. If god wants to do favours in our life, then nobody can stop that. Actually god always wants us to maintain happiness and peacefulness in our lives, but due to our ignorance, and our disinterest or showing less importance in worshipping him, we are […]

Everything belongs to God

Yes. Everything belongs to God, since he is the one who created all the living beings in the earth, and in the heaven, and he is the one who gives wealth to us for running our life. Every day while spending money we have to thank the god, for giving sufficient money to run our […]

Does God Really Exist?

Many of us would be having the question in our mind! Does god really exist in the world? Then why we are suffering from lot of problems in our life? The answer to this question is, as per the Yuga Dharma, the entire world is functioning! Now we are in the fourth Yuga, that is […]

Playing Games with Almighty

God has given privilege to play games only with very few of his devotees, and among them are the Pandavas, who lived during the previous Dwapara Yuga, and Sri Hathiram Bhavaji. In the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna used to play dice game with the Pandavas as a part of entertainment activity. In this present […]

Considering Deities as our own Children

Krishna as Damodara

We can consider the deities as our own children. In case of childless couples, they have to definitely consider the deities as their own children. Giving birth to a noble child is really a boon for the parents. Everyone expect their child to be born as Lord Krishna or as Bala Tripura Sundari, a form […]

Inviting deities to our homes on Festivals

We can invite the deities to our homes during festivals, similar to inviting our friends, neighbours and relatives. During Krishna Jayanti Festival day, most of the Hindus would draw kolams in the inside and outside of their homes, in order to invite Child Krishna to their homes. Similarly during Varalakshmi Vratham festival day, most of […]

Almighty is always Almighty

Almighty is always mighty. He contains great powers, and through that, he is controlling the entire universe. The great Lord Krishna has incarnated in this earth, to establish the Dharma in this world, and to guide the people to follow the path of righteousness in their life. He gave several advises to the people, and […]

Surrendering to God

33 crore gods in Hinduism

Whenever, if we cannot find solutions to our problems, we must have to immediately surrender ourselves into the holy feet of the almighty. We should not hesitate in doing that. We are all the human beings born in this earth, and god has created us for some purpose only. We must have to utilize our […]

Asthika (Believer of God) & Nasthika (Atheists)


Believers of the God (Asthika) can be described as the devotees of god, and have faith on him. Most of them, before starting their daily activity would worship the god, and pay their regards to him. Whatever religion they may belongs to be, they would sincerely worship the god according to their customs and traditions. […]

In search of God……

Generally, sometime or other time, we would be having the doubt, whether god really exists in this world? This doubt would mainly occur in our mind, during the times of our difficulties. But after some time, we would ourselves get relaxed, by saying, that because of god’s existence, at least somehow we are managing our […]