Gods are ‘Watching’ Us

As per our Veda Shastras, it was mentioned that, our each and every act is being meticulously watched by the demigods and goddesses. These minor deities act as a mediator between us and the major deities. We can cite Lord Vayu Bhagavan as the best example for that.

Lord Vayu is present all over the world, and also he is present even within us. Without the help of the great Vayu Bhagavan, we can’t survive in this world. Lord Vayu keenly watches all of our acts, and reports it to the superior gods. But most of us are not aware of that, and even if we believe, most of us are not taking it seriously, since we strongly believe that no god is present before our eyes. Some arrogant people would also tell, “Let him see my acts, and let him punish, I am not going to worry about that, when that time comes, let me see, how to escape from the hands of the god”. Some people might be having the opinion of giving punishment to the sinners by the god every now and then, since by doing that, they can correct themselves, and also they could get the fear of doing mistakes again and again in their lives due to the stringent punishment of the god.

Most of the saints are having the capability to capture our mind, and they could also correctly predict our future, and they also would be having the necessary powers to correct even the worst sinners in the world. Great Saints like Sri Kanchi Paramacharya, Saibaba and Guru Raghavendra are having the capability to know about our past, present and future births, but they would never express it before us, since it is against the Law of Dharma. Saints are always there to protect and purify us, but at the same time, we should try to stop committing mistakes in our life. If we keep on doing sinful acts and if we pray to the divine saints, then they would not be in a position to help us.

If we eat sumptuous food, and if we still keep on eating food, then our stomach would get upset, and in that case, even if we consume lot of digestion tables, it would be of no use, since known mistakes would never be forgiven by the god.

Hence, let us always keep full of spiritual thoughts in our mind, let us throw the bad and evil thoughts from our mind, and let us be blessed.


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