By Worshipping Lord Krishna, your sins would be burnt into ashes



By Worshipping Lord Krishna, your sins would be burnt into ashes. Commonly most of us would commit sins in our life, and no one can escape from that! Good Karmas and Bad Karmas would always go together, and it is the laid down rules of the god! Though we cannot stop committing sins, at least, we could burn our sins into ashes in an easiest way, by accepting Lord Krishna as our true saviour.

Lord Krishna itself tells about it in detail in his Bhagavad Gita Teachings, “Hey my dear Arjuna, in the Kaliyuga, due to the influence of Kalipurusha, people would commit lot of sins, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and even the good ones would be forced to do bad things, and it is highly difficult to escape from the clutches of Kali Purusha. But at the same time, those who worship me sincerely, and believe me as their true god, would not be subject to the evil acts of Kali Purusha, since I would always dwell on the souls of my true devotees. I would also burn all of their sins, and would make them into pure and pious. I am Lord Shiva, Indra and Brahma, and there is no supreme god apart from me. Those who worship all other deities are also to be considered as my devotees only. I am appearing in various forms of the god, in order to inculcate the bhakti on to the souls of my devotees. Those who consider me as an ordinary man would never found my presence on their soul. I am regularly sending my Avatars and aspects to this earth, in order to purify the souls of the people who live in the earth. For me there is no beginning and end, and devotees like Prahalada, Narada and Dhruva are to be considered as my forms only. Through my grace, even the weak and the dull people would turn into strong and bright! At the Kaliyuga, even my devotees would suffer a lot, but, however, through their devotion, they could be able to face it with boldness, and with full of spiritual strength”.

By considering the above points,which was once uttered from the mouth of Lord Krishna, we should keep worshipping him day and night, and even during the time of doing our office work, slowly and steadily our mouth must utter his names only, and we should always keep his memory on our mind, in order to lead a sinless life.


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