Kalki Jayanthi 2023 | Kalki Avatara Jayanti

lord kalki

lord kalki

Kalki Jayanthi is the appearance day of Lord Kalki. Lord Kalki is believed as the tenth incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. In 2023, Kalki Jayanthi date is August 22.

It is observed on Shukla Paksha Sashti in Shravan Maas. As per Hinduism, Kalki avatar appears at the end of the Kali Yuga.

In South Indian states, Kalki Jayanthi is celebrated in Bhadrapad maas. The festival is observed with much gusto in Vaishnava temples (temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu) such as – Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara temple, Sri Rangam Ranganatha swamy temple, Udupi Sri Krishna temple, Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple, and Bhadrachalam Sita Ramachandraswamy temple.

Panchang, Kalki Jayanti – 22 August 2023

Suryodayam(Sunrise) : 05:49 AM
Suryastama(Sunset) : 06:37 PM
Chandrodayam(Moonrise) : 10:34 AM
Chandrastama(Moonset) : 10:05 PM

Today’s Panchangam:

Tithi : Shashthi upto 03:05 AM, Aug 23Saptami
Nakshatra : Chitra upto 06:31 AMSwati
Karana : Kaulava upto 02:37 PM, Taitila upto 03:05 AM, Aug 23, Garaja,
Yoga : Shukla upto 10:18 PM, Brahma,
Weekday : Mangalawara,
Paksha : Shukla Paksha


Shaka Samvat : 1945 Shobhakrit
Chandramasa : Shravana – Purnimanta Shravana – Amanta
Vikram Samvat : 2080 Nala
Gujarati Samvat : 2079 Aananda

Shubh Muhurat:

Abhijit : 11:47 AM to 12:39 PM
Amrit Kalam : 10:45 PM to 12:27 AM, Aug 23

Time to avoid:

Rahu Kalam : 03:25 PM to 05:01 PM
Yamaganda : 09:01 AM to 10:37 AM
Gulikai Kalam : 12:13 PM to 01:49 PM
Dur Muhurtam : 08:22 AM to 09:14 AM 11:06 PM to 11:51 PM
Varjyam : 12:30 PM to 02:12 PM

Kalki Jayanti in Previous Years

In 2022, Kalki Jayanthi date is August 3.

In 2021, Kalki Jayanthi date is August 13.

In 2020, Kalki Jayanthi date is July 25.

In 2019, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 5.

In 2018, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 16.

In 2017, Kalki Jayanthi date was July 28.

In 2016, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 8.

In 2015, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 20.

In 2014, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 2.

In 2013, Kalki Jayanthi date was August 12.

In 2012, Kalki Jayanthi date was July 24.

In 2011, Kalki Jayanti date was August 4.

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  1. ADHITHYAN says:

    Bagawan u made diverse religions in this kaliyuga… u took buddha mahaveera jesus allah avatars , yet adharma prevails in peaks…. men fights about supporting only their birth religion… pls come soon, still 427oooyrs more, come soon…. c u in vaikunta

  2. Shanmuga Subramania Pillai Muthu KRISHNAn. says:

    Comment:- Kalki Avatar’s 60th Birthday is today only. Saturday, 29.07.1957. Natshatra birthday, Maham, Simha Raasi, was on 25th July. Well! Unlike previous incarnations, Kalki Avatar is NOT endowed with any divine potencies so far, For reasons best known to Maha Vishnu. Maybe, God wanted to justify His holding the office to Eternity, by subjecting the present life of that avatar to all kinds of untold sufferings. Maybe, that is why it is called as a MAHA avatar. God has chosen a Hindu, Saiva, Vellalar fly. in a village exclusively inhabitated by Krishna’s Yadava community, in Tirunelveli District in South Tamil Nadu. A few years from now, the manifested material universes may be dissolved by means of DELUGE, and all the indestructible, eternal beings are to remain merged with Maha Vishnu till next creation (next play). As My mano dharma demanded, this ‘piece of infn.’ is divulged to the Mankind, dutifully. Mankind may contemplate, Tuning life on Earth, ‘IN TUNE WITH THE WILL OF GOD’. Cheers! M…. Krishna.

  3. Shanmuga Subramania Pillai Muthu KRISHNAn says:

    God Maha Vishnu, has already taken His ‘Kalki Avatar’, way back on 29th July, 1957 itself. As prophesy goes, this Final Avatar has taken place in a South Indian District, (TIRUNELVELI, State of Tamil Nadu), in a Humble, Hindu, Saiva, Vellalar (Agricultural) fly., and in a Village exclusively inhabitated by Krishna’s Yadava community people. God is taking note of every world situation. From Good to Best and Bad to Worst. Indestrutible, Eternal Beings on Earth do deserve some kind of relief from the Impact of their Karma for quite some time. And, therefore When God’s Final Mission is accomplished in a few years from Now, nothing shall be left behind on Planet Earth.Total anniilation of all manifested material universes. No one, Nothing is spared. Planet EARTH should Try and remain prepared for this eventuality. GOD is duty bound to part with this piece of infn.. U take it/Leave it. Just, HE IS WAITING UPON TIME, for that Final word ‘Go’, from Within. Let Us wait & C Him in Action. Love!