Does God Really Exist?

Many of us would be having the question in our mind! Does god really exist in the world? Then why we are suffering from lot of problems in our life? The answer to this question is, as per the Yuga Dharma, the entire world is functioning! Now we are in the fourth Yuga, that is Kali Yuga, and certainly in this Yuga we will be facing lot of hardship in our life. This whole world is functioning on the basis of the laid down rules and regulations made by the great almighty.

Even the almighty cannot change the laid down principles, since according to him, it is an unjust act. Even if god comes to the earth, he also would face lot of problems. During the start of the Kali Yuga, the great Vishnu Bhagavan had come down to this earth, and meditated in the Tirumala Hills for many years, and then he came to be known as Lord Venkateshwara. During the period of his stay in the earth, he ate only simple food, did penance for most of the time, and after some time, he stayed with Mata Vakula Devi in a small hut only. Lord Vishnu is the Lord of the Lords, and he stays in the Vaikunta, which contains Milk Ocean and it is very bigger in size.

Though he was the creator of the universe, he didn’t want to bend the rules for his own comfort. Likewise, once we take birth in this earth, we began to cry, and after some years, even if we didn’t want to cry in front of others, most of us would be crying within ourselves due to our problems.

Nowadays most of the people are having the doubt whether god really exist or not? If we say yes to them, then the next moment they would ask then why can’t you show him to me!

Most of the Hindus are not reading the Hindu Holy texts, and they are getting confused whether Lord Rama and Lord Krishna really exist? For them, we can easily answer by going through the life history of Guru Raghavendra, who is a great Madhwa saint and a spiritual personality, and for him, both Rama and Krishna had physically appeared before him, and blessed him. During his life time, he had showed his grace to Muslim kings also, and as a result, they have gifted him some villages. Guru Raghavendra is against caste, creed, community and religion, and he treated everyone as alike. This was mentioned in his life history, and if any Hindus have got any doubt in that, they can study the books of Guru Raghavendra, and they can also watch the details about the Universal Guru Raghavendra in the YouTube.

Some people are questioning that whether Lord Muruga had really done anything for the welfare of the people! And they are not believing that Muruga really exist in this world! Lord Muruga is the one who controls the entire universe, and because of his mercy only, we are getting our daily food and digesting it in our stomach. And for those people, my answer is to read the life history of the great woman saint Avvaiyar. She lived only before 2,000 years ago, and her life history is also preserved properly. If we read her life history, we can come across her meeting with Lord Muruga and Vinayaka, and her visit to the Holy Kailasa, and meeting our divine parents, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Similar to Avvaiyar, if we verify the life history of Shaivite saints, lot of details about Muruga and Vinayaga can be found.

Simply questioning about the existence of the holy gods and goddesses doesn’t fetch anything for us, and it would create lot of sins to us. Instead of arguing about the existence of the holy deities, let us read the Hindu holy texts, and the life history of the great saints and avatars, in order to get proper clarity about the existence of the god.


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