Nandi Thimmana | Author of ‘Parijatapaharanamu’

Nandi Thimmana (15th century AD) was a Telugu poet and one of famous poets in the court of the king Krishnadevaraya. Thimmana was born in Anantapur in a Telugu family. He occupied an important place in the court of the great king Krishnadevaraya. The poet dedicated his famous work, Parijatapaharanamu, to king Krishnadevaraya. He was […]

Kuppambika, First Female Telugu Poet

Kuppambika (13th century AD) was a Telugu poet. Her father was Gona Budda Reddy, the author of the epic Ranganatha Ramayanam in Telugu. Her husband’s name was Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu. Kuppambika was the younger sister of Gona Ganna Reddy. After her husband’s death, Kuppambika built a Shiva temple at Buddapuram. She was an ardent devotee […]

Jakkana, Author of ‘Vikramarka Charithramu’

Peram Raju Jakkana is a famous Telugu poet who lived during the 15th century AD. He was born in a pious Telugu Brahmin family in Andhra Pradesh. He served as a poet in the court of the great king Proudha Devarayalu. His famous work is ‘Vikramarka Charithramu’, which mentions the life history of the great […]

Dhurjati | Author of Kalahastiswara Satakam, Sri Kalahasti Mahatmyam

Dhurjati (15th century AD) was a Telugu poet in the court of the king Krishnadevaraya and he was considered as the best poet during his period. Dhurjati was born i na pious Hindu Telugu family in Sri Kalahasti and he was the grandson of the great saint-poet Jakkayya, and he was an ardent devotee of […]

Pingali Suranna | One of Astadiggajas

Pingali Suranna (16th century AD) was a Telugu poet and was one of the eight famous poets during his period. Suranna lived in Kanala village near Nandyala. Suranna’s parents were also religious scholars. Surana’s Samadhi is situated in his native place, Kanala village, near Nandyala. Potter community people used to celebrate his birth anniversary in […]

Devulapalli Krishnasastri

Devulapalli Venkata Krishnasastri (1897 –1980) was a famous Telugu poet. Krishnasastri was born in a village in Andhra Pradesh, and he was brought up in Pitapuram, and his father had served as a poet in the court of kings. He learnt English literature through his interest in that language, and became an expert in English […]

Krishnadhwari | Author of ‘Naishadha Parijaatheeyamu’

Krishnadhwari (16th century AD) was a famous Telugu poet who resided in the court of Thanjavur Nayak king Sri Ranghunatha Nayak. He is praised for his famous poem ‘Naishadha Parijaatheeyamu’, which relates the story of Nala and Krishna. Similar to Tenali Rama, he used to relax the mind of the King Raghunatha Nayak through his […]

Nanne Choda (Nanne Chodudu) | First Composer of Prabandha Style of Telugu Literature

Nanne Choda (12th Century AD) was a famous Telugu poet and he was honoured with the titles Tekanadityudu and ‘Kaviraja Sikhamani’. He is one of the famous ancient bhakti poets. He was born in a pious Hindu Telugu family. He dedicated his work to the Shaivite saint Sri Jangama Mallikarjuna Yogi. Nanne Choda’s important work […]

Kasula Purushottama Kavi

Kasula Purushottama Kavi (18th century AD) was born in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh in a pious Telugu family. He served as a court poet under small kings, and he composed beautiful songs on Lord Vishnu which was highly praised by the kings and the scholars. His popular works are: 1. Hamsaladevi Gopala Satakam. 2. Manasa […]

Garimella Satyanarayana | Telugu Poet & Freedom Fighter

Garimella Satyanarayana (1893–1952) was a poet and freedom fighter and he fought against the British Government and he expressed his feelings through his patriotic songs and writings,and due to that, several times, he was imprisoned by the British government. Garimella Satyanarayana was born in a poor family in a village in Srikakulam district in the […]

Pingali Lakshmikantham

Pingali Lakshmikantam (1894-1972) was born in a village in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh in a pious Telugu family, and he was a famous poet and a good writer. His ancestor was the great poet Sri Tikkana. He had studied up to graduation, and he was good in penning wonderful poems at his young age itself. […]

Palkuriki Somanatha | Author of Basava Purana

Palkuriki Somanatha was one of the most popular Telugu language writers in the 12th century. He was born in Palkuriki village in Warangal district of Telangana. He was also a famous writer in the Kannada and Sanskrit languages and penned various divine texts. Somanatha was a Shiva devotee and a follower of the great saint […]

Nannayya | Nannaya Bhattaraka | Aadikavi Nannaya

Nannayya (Nannaya Bhattaraka) (11th century AD) is a Telugu poet and he was the author of the Telugu Mahabharata, Mahabharata written in Telugu language in a simple style. Nannaya is the divine poet, and he was the master in Telugu and Sanskrit languages. He is also known as the first and best poet during his […]

Pothana (Bammera Pothana) | ‘Sahaja Kavi’

Pothana (1450–1510) was a Telugu poet and a saint. He translated the Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit to Telugu through the divine grace of Lord Rama. LIFE Pothana was born into a Brahmin family in Telangana state. He was a great scholar, and was an expert in Telugu and Sanskrit language. His style of writings are […]

Tikkana Somayaji | ‘KaviBrahma’ | ‘Ubhaya Kavimitrudu’

Tikkana (1205–1288) was born into a Brahmin family. He translated some portions of Mahabharata into Telugu. Tikkana Somayaji was the second poet of the “Trinity of Poets (Kavi Trayam)” that translated Mahabharata into Telugu. ‘Nannaya Bhattaraka’ was the first to translate two and a half chapters of Mahabharata. Tikkana Somayaji has translated 15 Parvas of […]

Allasani Peddana | Andhra Kavita Pitamaha

Allasani Peddana (15th Century AD) was a popular Telugu poet and was one among the famous eight poets in the court of the famous Vijayanagara King Sri Krishnadevaraya. Peddana was born in a town near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He later moved to a village in Kadapa District, and stayed in a house which was presented […]

Srinatha Kavi | Telugu Poet Srinatha ‘Kavi Sarvabhowma’

Srinatha (1365–1441) was a famous Telugu poet who was well versed in composing songs in a simplified manner. Srinatha was born in a village in Krishna district to a pious Brahmin family in the year 1365. Srinatha was highly respected in the court of kings and he is expert in Telugu, and was highly praised […]