Pingali Suranna | One of Astadiggajas

Pingali Suranna (16th century AD) was a Telugu poet and was one of the eight famous poets during his period.

Suranna lived in Kanala village near Nandyala. Suranna’s parents were also religious scholars. Surana’s Samadhi is situated in his native place, Kanala village, near Nandyala. Potter community people used to celebrate his birth anniversary in a grand manner.


1. Garuda Puranam

2. Prabhavatee Pradyumnamu

3. Raghava Pandaveeyam

4. Kalapurnodayamu.

5. Prabhavati

6. Pradyumnamu

It is believed that while writing the Garuda Puranam, Lord Garuda came to his place, and blessed him and gave him good strength and mental power.

In his Garuda Puranam, he has mentioned Lord Garuda as none other than the great Lord Vishnu itself. According to him, Lord Garuda contains the features of Lord Vishnu, and he is having super natural powers enough to lift the body of the Lord itself. He has penned beautiful poems in praise of Lord Garuda. Some of the verses from the poems are as follows:

1. Garuda! You are the divine bird and the vehicle of Lord Hari, you are having the capacity to lift the entire universe through your great strength.

2. Garuda! By uttering your names, people would get good spiritual energy and they would become your sincere devotees.

3. Whoever worships you would be blessed by the great Lord Hari.

4. Garuda! Please protect us from unknown fears, diseases and remove our sins.

5. Garuda! You are the humble servant of Lord Vishnu, and you are discharging your duties in a well-versed manner.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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