Krishnadhwari | Author of ‘Naishadha Parijaatheeyamu’

Krishnadhwari (16th century AD) was a famous Telugu poet who resided in the court of Thanjavur Nayak king Sri Ranghunatha Nayak. He is praised for his famous poem ‘Naishadha Parijaatheeyamu’, which relates the story of Nala and Krishna.

Similar to Tenali Rama, he used to relax the mind of the King Raghunatha Nayak through his clever, witty and joyful speech.

Once when there was a severe drought in Thanjavur area, Krishnadhwari had advised the king to welcome the great saint Sri Raghavendra Swamy to the palace. And after the performance of various fire sacrifices by Guru Raghavendra, the Thanjavur kingdom began to prosper, and heavy rain also poured. And due to that, everyone in Thanjavur began to praise Guru Raghavendra and Sri Krishnadhwari for their noble acts.

Krishnadhwari wrote several poems in praise of Lord Vishnu, and received lot of wealth from the king. At his older age, the great poet Krishnadhwari had become a saint and donated his entire wealth to the poor people, and lived a simple life by doing meditation and puja to Lord Vishnu.

Let us praise the great poet and be blessed.


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