Nannayya | Nannaya Bhattaraka | Aadikavi Nannaya

Nannaya Bhattaraka Aadikavi Nannaya

Nannaya Bhattaraka Aadikavi Nannaya

Nannayya (Nannaya Bhattaraka) (11th century AD) is a Telugu poet and he was the author of the Telugu Mahabharata, Mahabharata written in Telugu language in a simple style. Nannaya is the divine poet, and he was the master in Telugu and Sanskrit languages.

He is also known as the first and best poet during his period, and was highly appreciated and recognised for his great literary work. His famous work was ‘Andhra Shabdha Chintamani’, and he was widely praised for this very good work.

Some of uncompleted works had been finished by the great Telugu poets, ‘Thikkana‘ and ‘Errana’.

Nannaya was considered as an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and he wrote some good poems in praise of Lord Shiva, and also sung in front of the Shiva temple. Though all of his works are not available at present, some of his famous works are preserved by the ancient Telugu poets.

Nannaya was considered as a generous person, and he had helped the poor people by fulfilling their basic needs. He lived a saintly life, and considered as a pious and a humble person. Though he was a rich person, he didn’t get pride, and remained as a soft and gentle person.

During the final stages of his life, he donated his riches for the welfare of the society, and performed meditation on Lord Shiva and attained MUKTI.

Let us worship the great poet and be blessed.


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