Srinatha Kavi | Telugu Poet Srinatha ‘Kavi Sarvabhowma’

Srinatha (1365–1441) was a famous Telugu poet who was well versed in composing songs in a simplified manner. Srinatha was born in a village in Krishna district to a pious Brahmin family in the year 1365.

Srinatha was highly respected in the court of kings and he is expert in Telugu, and was highly praised by the Telugu people for his talents. Srinatha worked as a minister in the courts of various kings, and he wrote lot of spiritual works and enjoyed a luxurious life.

Srinatha was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and penned many poems about the greatness of Shiva, and also wrote songs in praise of kings and gained lot of wealth.


1. Sivaratri Mahatyam

2. Harivilasa

3. Bhimakanda

4. Kashikhandam

5. Srungara Naishadham

6. Palanati Veera charitra

7. Dhananjaya Vijjayam

8. Marrutarat charithra

9. Srungaradipika

Srinatha’s famous work ‘Srungara Naishadhamu’ received a great response among the people, and he was honoured the title of Kavi Sarvabhowma (The King among the poets). A film in praise of the great poet Srinatha named as ‘Srinatha Kavi Sarvabhowmudu’ was released in the year 1993.

Srinatha at his old age, stopped writing songs in praise of the kings, and concentrated his entire attention on the bhakti path, and wrote lot of devotional songs. He died in the year 1441, and it is believed that due to the grace of Lord Shiva, he has attained MUKTI.

Let us praise the noble poet and be blessed.

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