Allasani Peddana | Andhra Kavita Pitamaha

Allasani Peddana (15th Century AD) was a popular Telugu poet and was one among the famous eight poets in the court of the famous Vijayanagara King Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Peddana was born in a town near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He later moved to a village in Kadapa District, and stayed in a house which was presented to him by Krishnadevaraya.

As an honour to Peddana, the great king Krishnadevaraya himself used to lift the palanquin in which Peddana was seated, and he was praised by the king, and got lot of wealth from him.

Peddana was a Sri Rama devotee, and wrote several nice poems on Rama. He also used to sing songs in the temples of Lord Vishnu, and worship the Lord with much faith and devotion.
He used to travel in the royal elephants, and also used to participate in the family functions of king Krishnadevaraya. He was treated similar to the Raja Guru Vyasaraya by the King Krishnadevaraya, and he used to consult with him about the affairs of his kingdom.

After the death of his beloved king Sri KrishnaDevaRaya he was very much worried and he tearfully wrote lot of poems in praise of Sri KrishnaDevaRaya.


1. Manu Charitra

2. Harikathaa Saaramu

He was honoured with the title “Andhra Kavita Pitamaha” by Krishnadevaraya.

Let us praise the great poet Peddana and be blessed.

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