Kuppambika, First Female Telugu Poet

Kuppambika (13th century AD) was a Telugu poet. Her father was Gona Budda Reddy, the author of the epic Ranganatha Ramayanam in Telugu. Her husband’s name was Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu. Kuppambika was the younger sister of Gona Ganna Reddy.

After her husband’s death, Kuppambika built a Shiva temple at Buddapuram. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and she was considered to be the ancient Telugu female poet. Her poems are highly praised for its simplicity and easy readability, and read by the great poets in the court of the great King Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Kuppambika has written both spiritual poems as well as poems reflecting general issues. She asks the people to divert their attention on spiritual matters, instead of worrying about personal things in their life. Her poems are highly praised by the great kings, and she was considered as one of the best poets during her period.

Some of the verses from her poems are as follows:

1. Believe in Lord Shiva, and offer your regular prayers to him.

2. Involve yourself in the bhakti path, and get enlightenment through your dedication on Lord Shiva.

3. Worldly comforts would give pleasure only for a certain period of time. Lord Shiva would give comfort to us forever.

4. Utter the NAMAH SHIVAYA mantra regularly, in order to attain the Shiva Loka.

5. Don’t break your head by thinking about the welfare of your near and dears, Lord Shiva would take care of everyone.

6. Donate to the noble cause and provide food to the poor and the needy people.

7. Our life is covered with full of miseries and sorrows. Hence we must properly swim in the life sea in order to safely reach the shore of Heaven.

8. We can live our life peacefully only through the grace of Lord Shiva.

9. Show mercy even to your enemies.

Let us worship Mata Kuppambika and be blessed.


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