Three Levels of Austerity: Physical, Vocal & Mental

The term penance or austerity which finds finds frequent reference in our holy books (as Tapas) Should not be mistaken to be merely the act of standing and meditating on one leg in the region of the Himalayas or adopting the posture of stretching the body upwards, with the head on the floor. It is […]

Ancient Divine Marriages

Similar to the marriages of human beings, marriages of the immortals also takes place before few thousand years. Among the marriages of the deities, marriage function of Lord Sundareswarar, a form of Lord Shiva, and Mata Meenakshi, a form of Ma Parvati, is considered as the most important one. Meenakshi is the daughter of King […]

The Power of Divine names

What is the power of divine names? What is the power of the divine names that are mentioned in Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Scriptures? It is an admitted fact that no one is infallible. Born as a human being, one cannot avoid committing sins or mistakes or misdeeds in some cases this may […]

Journey to Divine Worlds

We would have studied in the Puranas and in other Hindu scriptures about the existence of various divine worlds in the upper worlds. The great rishis and devotees like Bhrigu, Narad, Thumburu and Bhakt Prahlad have already visited the Divine Lokas, and worshipped the divine deities. And since they have got bhakti on the gods […]

Practice makes a Man Perfect

Practice makes a man perfect in his life. It may of learning good things in our life like getting up early in the morning, cheerfully saying good morning to our parents, brothers and sisters, worshipping the sun god from the terrace, doing our regular morning chores, and performing puja to the deities in our puja […]

Health is Wealth

Health is the most important gift given by the god. We can get Materialistic Wealth through hard work or luck, but having a good health is very difficult. We would be a healthy or an unhealthy person, based on our karmic deeds only. Some people would be poor, but their health condition would be good, […]

Spiritual Thirst

Spiritual thirst means seeking and continuously searching for the god, and dedicating our entire attention on him, by listening to spiritual discourses, singing songs and praising about the glory of the god. Spiritual thirst cannot be quenched by those people who pay their attention on the god in a half-heartedly manner. The great Varkari saints […]