Journey to Divine Worlds

We would have studied in the Puranas and in other Hindu scriptures about the existence of various divine worlds in the upper worlds. The great rishis and devotees like Bhrigu, Narad, Thumburu and Bhakt Prahlad have already visited the Divine Lokas, and worshipped the divine deities. And since they have got bhakti on the gods they are able to do it, and there is no need to get surprise over that. But we are all ordinary mortals, and we could able to show our devotion on god only to a limited extent, since we are concentrating our attention on doing other activities also. And it is also very difficult to visit the divine worlds through our physical body, since no one in the divine world would allow any mortals to enter into their world with their physical body.

Then how can we reach the divine worlds? Is it any other way to go there? Yes. But not now, only, if we perform sincere meditation on god, with or without having a family, and if we sincerely do our duties, and if we ignore the bad things from us like ego, lust, anger and jealously, and if we do lot of good things in our life, like providing food to the poor people, helping in the construction, repair and renovation of temples, construction of schools and houses for the poor people etc.

And we can reach the divine worlds, only after our death, and only after the balance of our bad karmas would become nil, we are allowed to reach the divine places. We can’t go to the divine worlds, by spending money or by way of showing our riches to the divine gods, since that is not liked by the god. Doing good karma doesn’t cost much. But due to laziness and disinterest in doing such things, we are all losing the opportunity to reach the divine places in the upper worlds, like the Heaven, Dhruva Loka, Satya Loka, Vaikunta, Kubera Loka, Kailasa etc.

Hence let us keep on chanting the names of the god, have sincere faith and devotion on the almighty,do noble activities in our life, avoid doing bad things in our life, and then let us get ready to ride in the divine chariot to reach the divine lokas.

Let us pray to the great Lord Indra Bhagavan and be blessed.


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