The Power of Divine names

What is the power of divine names? What is the power of the divine names that are mentioned in Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Scriptures?

It is an admitted fact that no one is infallible. Born as a human being, one cannot avoid committing sins or mistakes or misdeeds in some cases this may not however be deliberate. But as per Divine dispensation, the act will deserve punishmnet.

Scriptures however say that expiatory measures can be adopted by the erring man where by he can plead with God and express his regret that he had carried out the prohibited act withoutbeing aware of the, consequences and assure Him that he will not repeat the act, Gods response will be instantaneous.

A question is asked as what will happen if the penitent, after some time repeats, the sinful act. The propitiatory process of reciting the names of God will take care of even such a situation. The chanting makes the generator, from which the misdeeds originate, to stop totally.

The constant repetition of Divine names with faith and confidence of securing the pardon from the Divinity has been proclaimed as a universal remedy for the ills of man. One who suffers from troubles, who feels miserable, who has no strong foothold, who is afraid of this worldly existence, who is afflicted with terrible diseases, who suffers from psychic disorders like imaginary tension and delusion – all can take recourse to this easy method to win God’s grace. Age, sex, status, time, method of expression and nature or magnitude of the sinful act will not matter.

One may not even be aware of the way to pronounce it properly or know the meaning, but one will be freed of the sins. God destroys all of them when He is remembered even, by men of evil designs, Sri M.R. Nagasubramania_m said in a discourse.

This extremely simple process of seeking Divine intervention does not take cognisance of the intention of the individual.A leper who wished to commit suicide took a sip from a pitcher of nectar left in his hand by a stranger warning him that it contained poison, was cured of his illness. Even as a small match stick can reduce a hayrick to ashes, though the act might have been caused by a child, Divine names can save everyone even if uttered casually.

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