Divine Teachings

Divine teachings contain the teachings given by the great gods, demi gods, rishis and saints and the teachings contained in the great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita.

By reading these teachings, we will be able to live a peaceful and a sin free life without much difficulties in our life, since these teachings gives us the correct path of living our life, and also tells us to do rightful things in our life, and to control ourselves from doing wrong activities in order to get liberated from this life cycle. It will help us to reach the spiritual world, and will give us great physical and mental energy throughout our life.

The great epic Ramayana tells us that we have to be pure in our activities, and must respect our parents, and act as per their instructions. It also tells us to live a pious life, and to give respect to all of our elders, and show courtesy on each and every living beings in the world, similar to Lord Ram who had shown his kindness to the small squirrels when they helped him in building the bridge to reach Srilanka. He also shows his great affection on Jambavan, the bear king, Hanuman, Sukriva and other noble monkey generals.

From Mahabharatha, we can learn a lot of things, like not to play the dice game, and be supportive with every one especially with our relatives, and obey the instructions of our guru, and keeping great bhakti on the divine god. It also tells us that we must act in a rightful manner and not to seek the guidance or assistance of the wrong doers. It also tells us to do lot of charity works in order get more good karma, similar to Yudhishtra and Karna.

Bhagavat Gita is considered as similar to Holy Bible and Holy Quran for hindus. In this great text, Lord Krishna has given lot of answers for the questions asked by Arjuna. He also explained the way of living the life, and to live in the path of dharma and not to do wrong things, in order to get good results in our life. Even after several centuries, this sacred text is considered as a holiest one, since it is very useful in this today’s KALIYUGA. By reading and understanding the text contained in the Gita, we would be able to live our life in a righteousness manner.

Bhagavatham asks us to surrender ourselves to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, and to put our burdens on to his shoulders. It asks us to chant his various names and to recite his slokas and to read his “BHAGAVATHAM”, for getting all sorts of benefits in this world, and also for attaining SALVATION after our death. It also contains several short stories, and by reading that, we will get more bhakti on Lord Krishna, and will do right things only in our life. It also tells us many useful things which have to be adopted in our daily life.

By reading the eighteen puranas, we can know the teachings given by various sages for the benefit of the mankind. It also tells the formation of the universe, and controlled by the god, and about the greatness of the god. It tells us to live a holy life, by doing good activities in our life, and to have faith on god throughout in our life, even in case of difficulties and sorrows.


1.Do your duty properly and don’t think about the results, it will be decided by the god.

2.Consider yourselves as the slaves of the god, since because of god only we are surviving in the world.

3.Give respect to everybody and show gentleness and kindness even on small tiny insects, and never cause harm to others.

4.Believe that god is dwelling within you, and also among all other living creatures in the world.

5.Don’t commit sins, since our each and every activity is watching by the divine gods in the heaven, and they will give suitable results based on our activities.

6.Don’t be a miser and also don’t be a lavish spender of money. Spent a portion of your savings on doing good acts, such as donating to the temples and to the welfare of the poor people.

7.Forget and forgive the wrongful acts of your enemies, so that you are giving a chance for them to change their bad behaviour.

8.Believe that everything is predetermined by the god, and our fate cannot be changed even slightly by us, except through the grace of the God.

9.Try to attend devotional lectures, and read good spiritual books, that will give us spiritual energy and it will make us to attain the glory of the god.


Similar to our hindu religion, other religions also advocate the spiritual path, and gives useful teachings, in order to live a sin free and a noble life. God is one only, and he is given various names and various appearances, in order to make us to get strong faith on him. Saints like Raghavendra Swamy and Saibaba also contains great powers, similar to god, and we can easily approach them, and get our desires and needs fulfilled by praying to them. Since they are acting as divine messengers, they will convey our sufferings and difficulties to the divine gods, and make them to reduce our sufferings to certain extent.

Hence let us worship gods, goddesses, demi gods and the great supreme saints and be blessed.


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