Spiritual Thirst

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Spiritual thirst means seeking and continuously searching for the god, and dedicating our entire attention on him, by listening to spiritual discourses, singing songs and praising about the glory of the god. Spiritual thirst cannot be quenched by those people who pay their attention on the god in a half-heartedly manner.

The great Varkari saints like Tukaram, Dnyaneshwar, Savatamali and Namdev had quenched their spiritual thirst after getting the divine darshan of Lord Krishna. Their each and every cell sang about the glories of Lord Krishna, and even while having their food and during their sleep, they used to sing glorious songs on Krishna. Their bhakti cannot be expressed in words, and as a result of their great bhakti, they have attained salvation.

At this present situation, due to our busy work schedule, most of us would not be interested to leave our jobs, in order to permanently stick into the spiritual path. Daily if we spend some time on worshipping the god, that itself is sufficient to satisfy the great almighty.

Nowadays most of the temple priests are suffering from poverty, since they have been paid lower salaries, and by the way of getting money from some kind hearted devotees, somehow they are able to run their family.

Ancient devotees have also suffered a lot, when they left their homes, and walked down in the streets. Their relatives were criticized for their decision, and even their parents hated them. But after some time, when their relatives came to know about their spiritual powers,they began to recognize them as the great saints.

The great saint Pattinathar was born in a rich family, but he left his home even without keeping a single penny in his pocket. Even his own sister had tried to poison him, but after knowing about the cruel act of his sister through his spiritual powers, he immediately left that place, without harming her. He is such a kind of noble person!

For quenching our spiritual thirst, there is no need to become a saint. By staying in our family life itself, we can do lot of good things like adopting the orphaned children from the orphanages, providing rich food and giving good education to them, helping in the marriage of poor girls, renovating the temples, taking care of the old aged people living in the old aged homes as their own parents etc.If we do all these type of things, that would please the almighty, and he would shower his grace on us.

Hence, let us quench our spiritual thirst by keeping sincere devotion on Lord Krishna, by singing melodious songs on him, praying him with bhakti, reading the Bhagavata and Bhagavat Gita, and let us become a close friend of him.


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