Best Quotes of Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda (20th century AD) was a great Saint, noble man, and he was the key person for spreading the significance of Yoga, Meditation and Vedas amongst the masses. His birth name was Kuppuswami. Sivananda was born in a Town in Tirunelveli district, and before taking spirituality as his main profession, for some years, he served as a dutiful doctor.

He founded the Divine Life Society, and he also built the Sivananda Ashram, on the banks of the Holy River Gangesnear Rishikesh. He stayed in his Ashram for many years, and peacefully performed meditation.Many people have been benefitted from his Yoga and Meditation Centres, and he was an author for more than 100 spiritual books, and still those books are available in all leading spiritual book stores, and also we can procure those books from the Amazon.

Swami Sivananda had a few popular disciples like Swami Chinmayananda, and through their help, he had spread the awareness of practising yoga and meditation amongst the public.
He also travelled to many places in India, and explained about the significance of Vedas and Yoga Practices.

Swami Sivananda attained Samadhi in the year 1963 in his Ashram, which is situated on the banks of the Holy River Ganges.

Some of the golden quotes of Swami Sivananda are as follows:-

In order to enjoy true happiness, you have to give up all of your worldly pleasures.

Desires would tempt us to achieve more and more worldly objects, and with full of desires on our mind, we would be unable to concentrate our attention on spirituality.

While doing a particular work, put your mindonly on that.

Don’t lead a leisurely life.

Let god fully occupies in our souls.

It is very difficult to control our senses, and it can be done only through constant spiritual practices.

Entire peace of mind can be obtained through regularly practising Yoga and meditation.

Through Meditation we can attain liberation.

Don’t keep worrying about your past failures try to achieve success in your life through hard work.

Time tells lot of teachings in our lives.

A Spiritual enthusiast can attain enlightenment only if he shows more interest on learning about lot of spiritual things.

It is the god who brings all the prosperity to us, and we should never think that only because of our efforts we have succeededin our activities.

Life contains lot of struggles and we must have to face it boldly, or otherwise, we would become very much depressed in our lives.

Mistakes done in the past would make you to correct it in the future.

Meditation must be done willfully, and it should not be done just for name sake.

Don’t think too much about your health, always think that god dwells on your body and soul, and he would take care of everything in your life.

Do lot of good acts, and never be a selfish person,remember that attaining salvation is possible only through our noble acts.

Love everybody and consider that all the living beings in the world are the beautiful incarnations of the God.


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