Golden Quotes of Ramalinga Vallalar

Ramalinga Vallalar was a 19th century saint, and he was well known for showing his mercy on all the living beings in the earth.He is also considered similar to a Siddhar, he contains high spiritual powers, and he has asked his devotees to worship the Lord in the form of fire flames, which still burns in his temple at Vadalur. For more than 100 years, free food is offered for three times to all the devotees at his temple, and he preaches about unity, spirituality and adjust-ability.

He had visited temples at Chennai, like Vaduvudai amman and Kandakottam, and sung songs in praise of the deities. He was a strict vegetarian, and he insisted others to avoid eating non vegetarian food. Whenever he come across seeing any dry crops,immediately sorrowful tears would flow from his eyes, and he would worry even for the sufferings of the plants.

Some of his golden quotes are as follows:-

Consider all the souls as equal, and adopt the practice of universal brotherhood.

Self-discipline must be cultivated by everyone, in order to live a highly disciplined life.

We can worship the god in the form of a bright light, or otherwise, as per the own interests of the people, he can be worshipped even in the form of an idol.

Don’t kill birds and animals for the purpose of eating, always eat pure vegetarian food, and show mercy on everyone in this world.

Enjoy the divine beauty of the god even in the flames of fire.

If you provide food to the hungry and the poor people, then you would never suffer from shortage of wealth.

I am always ready to help those people who suffer from their problems, let them worship me in the form of “JOTHI”, fire flames, and let me fulfills their wishes.

God can be seen and also can be touched, if you have relieved from worldly illusions, and if you are able to generate more and more bhakti on him.

Good and Bad people are classified based on their behaviour, and hence, in order to become a good person, do lot of good things in your life.

Don’t show enmity on others, since by doing so, you could not eat food and could not sleep properly.

Find the presence of god even on the souls of the tiny insects like ants, and don’t cause harm to them.

God only acts as a best friend for you, and you need not search for anyone else.

Your acts are always been watched by the god, and hence always do lot of good deeds.

Your sins could be washed out completely, based on your complete surrender on the god.

You are the master for you, and hence don’t unnecessarily fall on others feet for the purpose of getting monetary benefits, and instead of that, fall at the feet of your holy guru, parents and elders, and seek their blessings.


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