Spiritual Quotes boost our Spiritual Energy

61. Human birth must be utilised properly, just by simply doing our routine work, like eating food, and going for sleep would not bring any good changes in our life. Only by pleasing Lord Vishnu, by the way of praise his glories, singing his songs, and sanctifying him through his divine mantras, we would get the entire fulfilment in our life.

62. Those who keep strong faith and bhakti on Lord Vishnu would lead a happy and a prosperous life.

63. Complete surrender on the holy feet of Lord Vishnu is the only way to wash out our sins, and to become a pure and a pious person.

64. Those who criticise badly about Lord Vishnu would have to suffer severally in their present as well as in their future births.

65. We can see the divine vision of Lord Vishnu from our soul itself, and if we express our bhakti by the way of singing divine songs on Vishnu, then he would become happy on us, and would shower his blessings on us.

66. Even our enemies would become our friends, if we chant the Narayana Mantra at least once in a day.

67. Lord Vishnu is surrounded by the sages, and by his devotees like Narada and Tumburu in the Vaikunta, and he performs Yoga Nidhra on the Divine Serpant Bed Adisesha, with a wonderful smile.

68. The greatness of Lord Hari cannot be expressed in words, since he cannot be compared with anyone in this universe.

69. Put a permanent end to your worldly pleasures, since it is highly perishable in nature, and instead of that, keep enjoying the everlasting spiritual pleasures by worshipping Lord Vishnu.

70. By uttering the lovely names of Lord Vishnu, we can easily get rid from illusions, and we can also cross the ocean of life easily.

71. Lord Vishnu always safeguards his devotees like their father and mother, and he is the one, who would remove our tears during the times of our difficulties.

72. Birth and death is common in human life. Though it is very difficult to get rid from our frequent births, but through our constant prayers and meditation, we can attain salvation through the grace of Lord Hari.

73. Even the death god, Yama chants the names of Lord Hari continuously.

74. Love everyone, show your kindness on all the creations of the god, and give respect to everyone.

75. Be a generous and a noble person, in order to attain the glory of the god.

76. After I came to realize, that Ayyappa, my son, is a divine avatar, thereafter, I am seeing him only in the form of a god.

77. Even if I have been granted the position of becoming Lord Indra in the IndraLoka, I am not interested to accept it, since I would like to always dwell in the lotus feet of my dear Ayyappa.

78. Due to my past birth good karmas, I have been blessed to have Lord Ayyappa as my son.

79. Lord Ayyappa is the best saviour in this Kali Yuga, and by worshipping him, all of our sufferings would be burnt into ashes.

80. After getting addicted with Ayyappa Bhakti, I am not interested to enjoy the worldly pleasures, since I am keenly interested to become a devotee and a follower of Lord Ayyappa.

81. Lord Ayyappa contains the powers of both Lord Hari and Lord Haran, and hence he is known as Hariharan.

82. I have enjoyed the childhood plays performed by Lord Ayyappa and it resembles similar to that of the childhood plays of Lord Krishna.

83. We can call Lord Ayyappa by mentioning his various names like Manikandan, Hariharan, Dharma Shasta and Karunamoorthy.

84. Even if the whole world sinks into the seas, Lord Ayyappa would permanently dwell in the Sabarimala till the end of this Kaliyuga, in order to shower more and more grace towards his devotees.

85. Lord Ayyappa is the wire puller of this entire universe, and, we must consider ourselves as his humble servants.

86. Similar to Lord Krishna, who had granted salvation even to the demons, Lord Ayyappa also granted liberation to the demoness, Mahishi.

87. By keeping the divine thoughts permanently on Ayyappa, we could feel as if we are living in the heaven.

88. In order to get the grace of Ayyappa, remove your bad habits like ego, lust, greed, anger and fear.

89. Lord Ayyappa would act as a protective shield for us and he would send his divine attendants like Karuppannaswamy and Ayyanar to follow us in our every walk of life.

90. Lord Ayyappa is Meyyappa, the real one, and he is our Appa, the universal father.


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