Spiritual Quotes boost our Spiritual Energy

31. It is the time for everybody to engage themselves in Krishna Bhakti, or otherwise, people would get addicted with worldly illusions.

32. Always taste the sweetness of chanting the divine name “K R I S H N A”.

33. Life would become bored for those who ignore Lord Krishna in their lives.

34. I am not getting afraid of the people who surround me and who punishes me, since I have the hope that my dear Lord would always protects me, like a mother takes care of her child.

35. Don’t waste even a single second of your life, without chanting the lovely names of Krishna.

36. Oh! My Krishna! You are my Master! You are my God, guide, friend and also my father and mother!

37. I don’t know why these foolish men are running behind other women and by doing that, they are wilfully walking to the path of the hell.

38. Conquer your bad habits like lust, anger and greed, and try to devote more and more attention on worshipping my dear Lord Krishna.

39. Only through Krishna Bhakti, we can attain Mukti.

40. Oh! My dear Krishna, please take care of these poor ones, try to inculcate the Krishna Bhakti on those who pays much attention on enjoying worldly pleasures.

41. Whenever I involve in the thoughts of Krishna, I forget even my hunger, sleep and everything in my life, since my main aim is to merge with my dear Lord Krishna.

42. The sun has arisen, and my Lord has woken up, the temple bells rings faster. I want to walk to the temple soon, in order to see my beloved Lord Krishna again and again.

43. “Do not be proud of your belongings. Since all of these would disappear within a fraction of a second. Hence, try to come out from the illusory world, in order to understand the sweetness of Shiva Bhakti”.

44. “Worship the Lord who contains three eyes, who is omnipotence, and who cannot be easily known by anyone. As a ripened saint is freed from his bondage, let Lord Shiva grant us salvation”.

45. “Try to understand the god, from your soul itself, and you can build a wonderful temple for him in your soul itself”.

46. “Each thing tends to get changed in course of time. But the great Lord Shiva would never change his good nature, and he would always act kindly on his devotees”.

47. “Get a proper knowledge about Lord Shiva, by reading regularly the Shiva Purana”.

48. “To be free from bondage try to interact with Lord Shiva from today onwards, and believe, that on one fine day, you would be freed from your sins, and you would be relieved from the chain of birth cycles”.

49. “Knowing about the sweetness of Lord Shiva is very essential in your life. Since without him, no one would lift you up from the pit of sorrows”.

50. “Always apply the sacred ash on your forehead and adorn the holy Rudraksha Mala on your body. Worship Lord Shiva in the form of Lingam, and attain the great everlasting spiritual bliss forever in your life”.

51. “Believe that Lord Shiva is the universal master, and without his permission, you cannot lift even a small dust particle with your hand. Remove your bad habits like ego, lust and anger, and have more and more bhakti on Lord Shiva”.

52. “If Lord Shiva provides food even for a small ant, then why we have to worry about our life, let us put our burdens on his shoulders, and let us take shelter under his lotus feet”.

53. “Always aim to attain the holy abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailash, in order to put an end to your troubles and turmoil in your life”.

54. “Lord Shiva can do lot of wonders in your life, and he would be able to change even your fate also, if you shows your sincerity on worshipping him regularly”.

55. “Remove the personal attachment with your family members, and don’t keep lot of blind love and affection on them, since after all we are all mortals, and our death time may come at any time for us. Instead of that, keep lot of love and bhakti on Lord Shiva, since he is the one, who had conquered the death”.

56. “By keep chanting the wonderful names of Lord Shiva, we would get the feeling of drinking the divine nectar from the heaven”.

57. “Let your hands always keep bowing upon Lord Shiva, your legs circumambulate his temples, your ears listen to the songs of Lord Shiva, your eyes see the divine beauty of Shiva, and let your each and every body cell chants the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, continuously”.

58. According to me, Lord Vishnu is everything, I worship him sincerely, and I request others also to worship him with utmost faith and devotion.

59. Lord Vishnu is the supreme protector of everyone, whoever calls him at any place and at any time, by reciting his name, “NARAYANA”, he would immediately present in that place, with a smiling face.

60. Always keep chanting the names of Lord Hari, in order to get more and more everlasting spiritual enjoyment, which we cannot get it anywhere else in the world.

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