Appalayagunta Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Brahmotsavam 2022

Appalayagunta Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy Brahmotsavam is held in Jyeshta Masam. In 2022, The annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Prasanna Venkateswaraswamy, Appalayagunta, and a sub temple of TTD will be celebrated from 9 June to 18 June 2022 in a grand manner.

The schedule of events for the nine day event has been released by TTD in order to facilitate preparedness and also for devotee benefit to participate and get darshan of Lord in a big way during the Vahana sevas.

Schedule of Appalayagunta Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Brahmotsavam 2022

9 June 2022, Thursday

Morning –

Evening – Ankurarpana

10 June 2022, Friday

Morning – Tiruchi Utsavam, Dhwajarohanam

Evening – Pedda Sesha Vahanam

11 June 2022, Saturday

Morning – Chinna Sesha Vahanam

Evening – Hamsa Vahanam

12 June 2022, Sunday

Morning – Simha Vahanam

Evening – Mutyapu Pandiri Vahanam

13 June 2022, Monday

Morning – Kalpavruksha Vahanam

Evening – Sarvabhoopala Vahanam

14 June 2022, Tuesday

Morning – Mohini Avatara Utsavam in Pallaki

Evening – Garuda Vahanam

15 June 2022, Wednesday

Morning – Hanumath Vahanam, Salakatla Vasantothsavam

Evening – Gaja Vahanam

16 June 2022, Thursday

Morning – Surya Prabha Vahanam

Evening – Chandra Prabha Vahanam

17 June 2022, Friday

Morning – Rathotsavam

Evening – Ashwavahanam

18 June 2022, Saturday

Morning – Pallaki Utsavam, Tirthavari Avabhruthothsavam, Chakrasnanam

Evening – Tiruchi Utsavam, Dhwajavarohanam, Dwadasharadhanam, Ekantothsavam

During Brahmotsavam vahana sevas will be conducted both morning (800-900) and evening (800-900). Devotees desirous of participating in the Kalyanotsavam on June 9th can contribute Rs.500 (for a couple) and will be presented one Uttarium, One blouse piece, One laddu,One Appam and other anna prasadams.

During the Brahmotsavam event, the artists from the cultural wings of TTD- HDPP.Dasa Sahitya project will render cultural events including, discourses, and bhajan and bhakti sangeet programs.

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