Ananya Sharan Bhaava (single minded devotion)? How does one acquire that?

Ananya Sharan Bhaava (single minded devotion)? How does one acquire that?

Don’t get into the circle of acquiring this. Know that it is already inside you. Don’t do spiritual shopping.

Sometimes people might tell you, ‘Come to this place and bring a black purse with you, and you will get all this luck or power’, don’t get into such things. People who are greedy fall for such things.

When I went to Delhi last time, two of our teachers told me, ‘Gurudev, there is this one Baba (name for a sanyasi in India) who only gives people blessings, and to receive the blessing, people have to take a black purse with them. And after the blessing all their work gets done. Now everyone is going there’.

I told them, ‘This is nothing. It will only work for a short time, you don’t worry. You keep on teaching meditation. Just see, those who go there will come back’.

Our own determination can make things happen. Keep on doing meditation, seva and satsang. This is Ananya Sharan Bhaav (Single minded devotion).

If someone comes and tells you that I know someone who has this Siddhi (power), and he can give you this or that, you tell them, ‘Is that so? I do Namaskar (act to honor) to him from far away’.
Say, ‘DSN: Door Se Namaskar’.

Do Namaskar to everybody. Everyone has some good qualities, some bad qualities. You never know what is where. Why condemn anyone? Why should we evaluate anyone? Just do Namaskar to them, but we do not need to go to them. We have come on one path, we are getting everything here, this is Ananya Sharan Bhaav.
Here we are getting what we wish for, and we will get in the future also, that is the trust.

Note – This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourse at Satsang of Art of Living.

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