A forest is a large area surrounded by trees.Large number of forests are scattered throughout the world. But compared to ancient times, now the forest area had shrunk and the area was drastically reduced. This is due to destroying the forests and building houses and commercial establishments in that place. A forest acts as a […]

Indian Army Soldiers

Indian army soldiers are considered as the most important people, since they are protecting our country from enemy invasion, from terrorist’s movements and from illegal migrants. They are acting as the backbone of India, and bringing pride for our country. Most of the teenagers in India are interested to join in our Indian army, and […]

Old Age People

People’s last stage of life is old age. Some people would peacefully spend their old age, along with their wife and children, whereas some people would suffer from poverty, since getting a job after 60 is very difficult. Nowadays rich people prefer to spend their life in luxurious retirement homes along with their spouse. They […]

Goshala (Gaushala)

Goshalas are the safety shelters for cows in India. Goshalas aims on taking care of cows in a proper manner, since cows are considered as the sacred animal in Hinduism. Goshalas are established in India from 19th century onwards. The main aim of the people working in Goshalas is to rescue the wandering cows and […]


A criminal is someone who acts against the law. A criminal may be a murderer, terrorist, thief, or even when a person evades the tax, he is also called as criminal. A criminal is not a born one. A criminal is formed due to many other reasons like Unemployment problems, family problems, psychological problems, problems […]

Poverty & Unemployment – Worst Enemies of Mankind

Poverty and unemployment are the worst enemies of the mankind, and both sails in the sea in the same boat. Unemployment problems prevails in almost all the countries, and the reason is due to changes in economy, increase in commodity prices, inflation, change in rate of exchange, poor export and import policy and problems due […]

Special Children

Special children are considered as the sons of the god, and hence they are known as Special children. Throughout their life, they will not commit sins and knowingly they will never harm others, they are innocent, and doesn’t know the things happening around them. Most of the special children contains defect in their mind and […]

Young Age

Young age is the very important stage in our life cycle. During this age, we would be innocent, and we would be playful and childish in nature. We didn’t know about the differentiation between good and bad things, and usually our parents would teach us, to move properly in the world. We can play indoor […]

Temple Priests

Temple priests are considered as pious people, since they are spending their valuable time inside the sanctum of the Temples. Temple priests usually belonged to Brahmins, but in some Shakti Temples and Temples in some villages, people belonging to various communities also used to perform puja. Since the almighty is giving his blessings equally to […]

Friendship & Enmity

Friendship and enmity are the two opposite terms. Developing friendship with good persons is well appreciable, whereas showing enmity with others would cause severe impact on their life. Whether developing friendship or not, that is not a problem, but getting enemies is a worst thing, which we should never do in our life. In general […]

Quarrels, Tensions, Worries

Nowadays in the present day life, quarrels, tensions and worries are happening in our regular course of life. People are making fights and quarreling with each other for small, small things, and due to that, they are committing murders also. Some bad people would get tensed for very small things, and they would attack others. […]

Slavery system

Slavery system exists since ancient times. Though now the system is almost abolished, yet in certain places, the employers are treating their employees as bonded labourers and slaves. They are becoming bonded labourers after they sign the terms of agreement with their employers. They are not even provided proper food, and forcefully they are compelled […]

Physically Challenged People

Physically Challenged people are the worst sufferers in this world. Those people must be respected and treated in a kind manner. Physically challenged people would be suffering from blindness, lameness, handless, dumb and deaf etc. Those people must be considered as the special gifts of the god, and they must be placed in a suitable […]

Suicidal Deaths

Suicidal deaths are occurring on a daily basis all over the world. This is happening due to the sufferings of the people from various problems in their life. This may be mainly due to unemployment problems, poor cultivation of crops due to drought, poverty, poor health, lack of withstanding ability in life, failure in marriage […]

Caste discrimination

Caste discrimination exists since ancient times, and it is an act of prohibiting the lower class people by the upper class people. Lot of violence against the lower class people were taken place, especially during the last century, and through the genuine efforts of the great leaders like Dr.Ambedkar, the SC/ST community people got their […]

Dowry Harassment, a Social Evil

The dowry system in India refers to the things that the bride’s family gives to the bridegroom, either before or after the marriage. The dowry system must be abolished, since it causes heavy financial burden on the bride’s family.In some situations, the dowry system leads to committing harm against women, by attacking them by their […]

Adoption of Pet Animals

Pet animals can be adopted by the people for bringing them to their homes, and accepting them as their own family member, for fun, entertainment and for enjoyment. Growing pet animals would bring great prosperity in the lives of the pet growers, and they would get the blessings of Ma Shasti Devi and Lord Kalabhairavar. […]