How to overcome Love Failure

Many of us would have read in magazines and newspapers that young people dies due to love failures. This mainly happens due to the age factor. At young age, people would be very much sensible, and boys and girls would easily get attracted with each other. This mainly happens to them, due to spending their time too much on social media.

Instead of spending lot of time on unnecessary activities, we can keep thinking about Lord Krishna, about his lovely smile, his childhood plays, his pleasing personality and his divine lectures, since Lord Krishna is the one who had taken the divine avatar before 5000+ odd years, and he is still showing his presence to us in the form of a small child in Guruvayur and Upudi Krishna Temples. For some of his sincere devotees like Poonthanam, Narayana Battatri, Pisharadi and Kururamma, Lord Krishna appeared before them as a small child and also played with them for some time.

Last week, I have read in a newspaper, that a girl was known to a boy only for a few days, and when the boy ask the girl to meet him at his place, the girl also responded to him, and met him along with his friends, and after some time, she has lost her chastity, and with tearful eyes she complained about the incident to the police, then the police had taken immediate action on the culprits. This bad incident was happened to that young girl, since she believed that unknown person. Without knowing about him, she had fell prey for him, and to his friends.

In order to avoid all these types of worst incidents in the life, the parents must carefully monitor their children, and must teach good habits to them. They should guide them properly and must motivate them to accept the spiritual path along with their studies. It is applicable to all types of religious people. Parents must take their children at their childhood itself to temples/mosques and churches and must ask them to read the sentence from the holy books in a step by step manner. They should also tell, that before getting married, they should not unnecessarily communicate with unknown people.

Our senses can be easily controlled by keeping constant bhakti on the almighty. Stories about Lord Krishna must be told to our children during the bedtime, and must also tell them about the miracles and the mischievous activities performed by Krishna. The parents must ask their child to chant the Krishna Mantra at least twelve times in a day, in order to get self-control. In course of time, children would come to know, how to live in the society and how to behave with others etc.


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