Charity, a Social Service Activity

Charity is a kind of social service activity, and it is an act of providing food, cloth, shelter and other necessities to the poor and the underprivileged people through a charitable organization. Providing food to roadside beggars and hungry people is also considered as an act of charity. And even helping the poor street vendors by the way of buying things from them is also considered as an act of charity, since by doing that, we are lighting the lamps in their lives.

Street vendors live their life by selling different types of items by wandering in the streets. Among the street vendors, flower vendors are the most active people. They used to get up early in the morning, tie the flowers and make it into beautiful garlands, and offer it to the temple deities and sell the remaining garlands to the customers. Some of them would be having their regular customers, whereas others would eagerly waits for their new customers. They are the hard workers, who though get only a meagre income by selling the flowers, but they would get greatly satisfied with their income, and live their life peacefully by spending some time with their spouses, children and by chatting with their neighbours. Even though they didn’t enjoy the riches in their life, but god usually would give peace of mind to those people. Their mental satisfaction would not be found even in the minds of the rich people.

Similar to flower vendors, other street vendors like fruit sellers, vegetable sellers, Fried grams sellers, biscuits sellers used to do their job actively and interestingly. They would give a big sound by raising their voice in a higher pitch, in order to bring to the notice of the customers about their arrival. Similar to them, if we make such a big sound, our throat would become badly infected. But at this current situation, people had changed their nature, and in most of the residential flats, one board would be affixed stating that “VENDORS ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED”.

But the nature of the people during 1980’s was entirely different. They used to welcome the street vendors with an affectionate smile, and would offer them a glass of water or butter milk, and some of them used to offer even tea, coffee and biscuits to them. If any of the street vendors come in the afternoon, the people would talk to them about the hot climate prevailing in the city, and give them cool drinks, and some people would even invite them to their household functions.

During my young age, my mother used to invite the street vendors to attend our family functions. She has invited the fruit and vegetable vendors to participate in my sister’s marriage. They also cheerfully attended the marriage function, and given hand shake to my sister. But nowadays, most of the people, are keeping some distance with the street vendors, and some of them are also scolding them using harsh words. But doing such kind of activity is not good, since the great almighty dwells in the hearts of the street vendors also.

Hence let us show our love and affection on street vendors and give our small financial support to them in case of their financial difficulties and be blessed.


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