Unnatural deaths

Unnatural deaths may occur due to suicides, murders, accidents and on account of natural calamities like earth quake, storm and floods. We can see that some people are living for a long period, without big difficulties in their life, and also they get a peaceful death. Whereas, some people are suffering a lot in their lives like poverty, unemployment and diseases, and during the time of their death also, they are getting bedridden for several months, and suffer till their last minute with much pain on their body and mind. All these things happen due to our past birth karmas only.

In a family itself, we can see that among the brothers, one brother might have studied well and would be working in a foreign country with decent salary, whereas his other brother, might contain only lesser qualification, and would be working in small company with lesser salary. In this case, we can’t blame on anybody, since according to their fate, they have been living their lives. Some of their relatives might criticise the person who have not better qualified. Whenever he meets them in functions, they would simply ignore him, or otherwise they would tease him for his low salary, and for his poor qualification. By doing like that, the person would be mentally disturbed and would keep on thinking about that incident only. Some persons would even commit suicides by thinking about their position.

In any case, we should not underestimate others, and should not compare them with others. Each and every person contains a different talent, and all the creations of the god are wonderful only. When a person is interested in a particular field, their parents must motivate him, and make him to shine in the preferred field. When the parents compels their children to choose a different field of education, even if their children is not interested to choose that particular field, then in such cases, some students may commit suicides.

Young students must be motivated and highly encouraged by their parents and teachers, and must try to make them like Swami Vivekananda or Sister Niveditha, with regard to their spiritual talents and braveness.

Without examining about our divine Vedic gods, everyone in Hinduism must sincerely worship Lord Yama, Indra, Surya, Chandra, Vayu, Agni and Varuna, since some of these deities are the creators of storms, earth quakes and cyclones. They are doing all these natural disasters, due to the change in the living pattern of the people, and due to their negligence in worshipping these superior, handsome and wonderful deities. Without questioning about their existence, everyone must worship all these Vedic deities in a whole heartedly manner in order to escape from the natural calamities.

Lord Krishna also tells, I am living in the souls of the Vedic gods, and making them to properly discharge their duties.


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