Keeping Divine Names to our children

We have to keep divine names to our children, since whenever we call them using their name we would get goodness in our lives, since by the way we are uttering the names of the gods or goddesses. Nowadays people used to keep stylish names to their children. In some cases, actually the child’s name would be Anandanarayanan, but stylishly their parents,would call him as Anand.

By reciting the full name of the god, we are not going to lose anything in our life, but instead of that, god would permanently dwell in our house. In some cases, the child’s name would be Narayani, but their parents would shrink her name, and call her as Nani, by thinking it as a stylish name, as well as it is easy to pronounce.Some people are getting ashamed to keep the names of the god to their children, and hence they are keeping ordinary names to their children. We can also keep our pet dog name as Bhairava, and our cow’s name as Lakshmi, in order to get more goodness in our lives, by the way of calling their names.

Few years ago, one of my colleagues had told to me, that he has been converted to other religion, since he was finding it difficult to visit Tirumala and Sabarimala. I have told to him, that in our Hindu religion, no one is compelling us to go to the holy temples. Based on their own wish only, people are visiting the holy places like Tirumala and Sabarimala. Still some people are telling that they could not understand properly about our Hindu religion, and hence they were converted into other religion, and they are keeping a different name, based on their new religion. The details about our Hindu religion can be easily known by reading our holy texts like Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

As per ancient legend, once there lived a Brahmin scholar and his name was Ajamila, and though he lived peacefully along with his consort and children, suddenly due to his bad fate, he saw a lower caste lady and got attracted with her, and as a result, he left his family, and lived with her in a separate home. Soon they had children, and for one child, he named as “NARAYANA”. Years began to roll, and he has become an old man. One day suddenly he fell ill, and realized that soon he is going to die, and he got death fear, and as a result, he began to call his son by uttering the name NARAYANA. Due to that, all of his sins were wiped out, and he was taken to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta by the divine attendants of Lord Vishnu.

From this story, we can knew, that by simply calling the name of his son itself, he has attained the divine world. This was happened since he has kept the name of Lord Vishnu to his son. Hence let us keep holy names of the almighty to our children, and be blessed.


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