Truth is multi-dimensional, what it means?

what is the meaning of truth is multi-dimensional? Many people say, truth is multi-dimensional, but I didn’t know what it means and the people who said me this were also not able to explain it.. Guruji can you explain it?

For this multi-dimensional question, Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living) is giving clarification in his own words…

Yes, it says it.
See, to come to this place, someone will say, ‘The direction is to go straight and turn left’.
I would say it is correct.

Another person would give the direction, ‘Go straight and turn right.’
I would say that is also correct.

The third person will say, ‘Just go straight, don’t turn left and right.’
I will say that is also right.

Now, if you tell me, ‘There can be only one correct direction. You cannot have three correct directions.’ I would say, ‘Truth is multi-dimensional.’

This place is multi-dimensional. To come to this place, there can be many instructions, many directions, and all of them are correct.

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