Poverty & Unemployment – Worst Enemies of Mankind

Poverty and unemployment are the worst enemies of the mankind, and both sails in the sea in the same boat. Unemployment problems prevails in almost all the countries, and the reason is due to changes in economy, increase in commodity prices, inflation, change in rate of exchange, poor export and import policy and problems due to storms, earthquakes, tsunami and the present Virus problems etc.

Everyday throughout the world, lakhs of poor people are dying due to starvation. Mostly in African countries, the poor people are the worst sufferers. Though the government is trying its level best to raise the standard of living of the poor people, but it could not fully succeed in its efforts.

Recently we would have heard in the newspapers, that in India, for the post of sweepers, lot of graduates, post graduates and even engineering students were applied, and some people have got the jobs, and they are interestingly working as sweepers, and even they feel proud of it. Such a kind of situation prevails in the present day. The reason can be due to over population and every year millions and millions of students are getting graduated from several colleges and universities, and they couldn’t get suitable job as per their requirement.

Thousands of engineering students are working as clerks, computer operators, and even some students are working as office boys and office assistants in companies. If they think about their future, they would surely get frustrated, and some people even may commit suicides.

The best way to overcome all these types of problems is to start our own business. And it may be either a tea shop, hotel or may be a big business. It all depends on the will power and the hard work which would make us to succeed in our business.

Those who have already got employed in good jobs need not leave their job, and there is no need to start their own business. Only for those people who doesn’t find a proper job, or when they think that their job is not a worthy job, they may opt for starting their own business.
Some people even if they work in big business houses, still may get bored in doing the same monotonous job, or some doesn’t want to serve under a person as a servant, and instead of that they want themselves to be self-employed, and that is also is appreciable on their part.

Hence whenever we find any difficulty in fetching a job, let us start our own honest business with the divine grace of the almighty.


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