Significance of Women in Hinduism

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Females are wonderful creations of the almighty, and all the females present in the world, are considered as the holy incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi. Female is the one who delivers a child after much painstaking effort, and her love and affection shown on her child, cannot be expressed in words. All the females must be properly treated and must be respected by men, and they must be considered similar to men in all aspects. According to the famous Tamil poet, Sri Kavimani Desikavinayakam Pillai, “One has to do lot of good karmas in order to take birth as a female”.

Females are now working in all fields similar to men and they are considered as more intelligent than males. But still females are suffering from lot of hardships in their lives, and they are not getting proper protection also.

Female infanticide means willful killing of newborn female children, and it is done by the parents of the child, due to the disinterest in growing the female child, and also to avoid spending huge money for performing marriages to the female child. This criminal activity is done in countries like China, India and Pakistan, and especially these activities are done by the poor people.

Infanticide is the unlawful act, and the doers would be severely punished before the eyes of the law. In India, these types of crimes are mostly happening in remote villages, and the village people must be given proper awareness about the significance of female child, and also about the effects of the sins which they are going to face, when they kill the tender and innocent female child. The parents must be made to realize that they are killing their own female child, and as per our Hindu tradition, all the females are considered as an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. The main reasons for killing the innocent child are due to severe financial problems in the family, unemployment, poor earning, dowry, fear of being raped by others and fear of getting married to other community men etc.

The people should treat both male and female child as alike, and they should not show any differentiation between them. The parents before killing the new born must think that their child also might become a district collector or a high rank official in the future, and must grow them by motivating them in all stages of their life.

Ma BalatripuraSundari is an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is the child goddess, who acts as a protector to the females, and especially to the young female children. Those who commit any harm to the new born child cannot be escape from her eyes. Hence let us create awareness among the public about the significance of females, and let us stop the cruel act of female infanticide at our level best.

Child Marriage is the marriage of a girl or boy before the completion of eighteen years, and as per our Indian law, Child marriages are prohibited. But mostly girls are getting affected through child marriages. Child marriage affects the mental health of both girls and boys, and it would also lead to lot of family problems. It also would affect their studies, and the child couples would lose interest in their education.

The correct age of getting married for both boys and girls is above twenty five, and it is also the ideal age of marriage. After this age, both of them would be having some maturity in their life, and they would be able to withstand in their life. Most of the married youngsters would be employed before 25, and they would stand on their own legs, and they would be able to take care of their consorts in a proper manner.

Child marriage also violates the rights and privileges of the children and in course of time, the young couples would find it difficult to run their family, due to several issues relating to poverty, health problems and pregnancy problems etc. Child marriages have been found in countries like in some Asian countries, African countries and in some parts of America.

In ancient times, most of the parents would arrange marriage for their children at their young age itself. When Mahatma Gandhi was married with his wife Kasturba, his age was just 13. They have lived a pious life, and remained together throughout their life. Kasturba acted as a dutiful wife, and willfully followed the instructions of her husband, Mahatma Gandhi, and she acts as an example for others.

Our human body is made out of flesh, bones, nerves and blood, and apart from that, each and every soul is expecting others to shower kindness, love and affection on them. Nowadays marriage life is not that much easier when compared with past periods. In the past period, most of the people, lived their life as per the proverb, “MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN”, but nowadays some married couples are changing the golden proverb, and creating a new proverb, “MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN FAMILY COURT”, since due to lack of understanding, every year lot of couples are getting separated from each other, after getting divorce orders from the court.

A spinster refers to a woman, who has never been married. A woman would become a spinster due to various personal reasons like disinterest in marriage, fear of getting married, willing to lead an independent life etc. Still now lot of unmarried women are living in this world, and most of them are not worried about that.

As per our holy Tamil Text, the great poet-saint, Ma Avvaiyar is an ancient spinster who lived before 2,000 years, and she never married. As per legend, when Avvaiyar was a small girl, their parents decided to marry her with a rich person. Avvaiyar was a staunch devotee of Lord Vinayaka, and she was never interested to lead a family life. In order to escape from married life, Avvaiyar began to sincerely pray to Lord Vinayaka, and due to the grace of the first god, the young girl was turned into an old woman, and as a result, the marriage was stopped. She left her home, and began to wander from one place to another place, and she was highly patronised by the then kings like Adiyaman, Pari and Ori. She remained as a spinster throughout her life, and finally after her death, she attained the abode of Lord Vinayaka, the Ganesha Loka.

Still now, some females ignore family life, and used to concentrate their attention on spirituality. But spinsters also would face problems in the society, and some people would comment on them using harsh words. In Christian community, most of the spinsters would become sisters and would serve in the churches by interacting with the devotees in a nice manner, and they also would console the devotees, who suffers from depression and they would devote most of their time on praying to the great Lord Jesus Christ.

In cinema Industry, we can find lot of spinsters, since most of the females in the star world, would find it difficult to choose a suitable bridegroom for them. But spinsters must carefully move with others, and without knowing the background of the strangers, they should not allow them to enter into their personal life, since by doing so, their lives might end up with a tragedy.

Widow Remarriages are a common practice which can be found all over India. After the death of her husband, a widow cannot live her life lonely, and also she prefers to live with her forthcoming life partner happily. Widows are also gets remarried in order to maintain their status, dignity and esteem in the society. In ancient times, a widow has two options to choose, and they are, she can either remarry another person or she can fall in the pyre of her husband.

Ancient Hindu Texts permit the remarriage of widows only if the widows were horribly tortured by their consorts. But nowadays, some women are getting separated from their consorts within a few months of their marriage, due to some small, small reasons also. Some time back, a divorcee gave party to her friends and relatives, and she expressed her happiness by singing and dancing in the party. She divorced her husband due to a small reason, and after some time, she remarried another person. But this kind of situation never prevailed in ancient times. Women would rarely get separated from their consorts, and only a very few would remarry another person.

In ancient times, widows would not be given proper respect in their homes as well in their homes of their in laws. They have to get up early in the morning, and then immediately they would finish their early morning chores, and then the rest of the time, they would hide inside their houses, by spending their time in cooking, cleaning and washing the clothes like a servant maid. They would not be invited to any marriages or any other functions by their relatives and friends by considering that they would bring bad luck to their homes.

Still some youngsters would prefer to marry only widows, and some of them have maintained it as a policy. After marrying a widow, they would treat them very affectionately, and would give a new life to them. In general, all the women are to be treated as the holy incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi, and they should be worshipped. Widows are considered as an aspect of Ma Dhumavati, an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, and they must be well respected and their friends and well-wishers must invite them to their family functions, interact with them cordially, and must make them to realize, that widows are pure and pious women in the world.


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