Cruel Death

An honour killing, also called as cruel death,is the murder of a member of a family, due to the belief of the other members of the family, that the victim would bring dishonour to the family, or has tortured the members of the family on a continuous basis.

The main reasons for doing this type of acts include divorce applied by the spouse, spouse having illegal affairs with others, disobedience etc.

Honour killing also occurs when the female life partner hates their husband, and gives severe mental disturbances.

Murders also rarely done by the wives, when they find their life partner engage themselves in unfair activities like frequent consumption of alcohol, using of drugs, and having illegal relationship with other ladies.

All these things happen due to the impatience of the family members. They have to digest the things which are beyond their control and must realise that all the happenings occurs as per the will of the god. They must feel that any harm caused to others, would be subject to severe punishment before the eyes of the law, and they also must realize that they would get punished by the almighty also.

When the parents murder their son-in-law or their daughter-in-law, they would be treated as criminals before the eyes of the law. They would not get respect from anywhere, and they would also suffer from the mental agony throughout their life. These types of killings are mainly occurs due to caste differentiation. Great saints like Basavanna were against caste discrimination, and he also fought for the welfare of the women.

All the things which were happened were already determined by the god, and no one can change the fate written by the god. Men and women cannot be separated on the basis of their caste, and if both of them love each other and share their sincere affection on them, then the parents must not see their caste, and they must have to arrange marriage for them.
There is no permanency in human’s life. At any time, anything can happen to us. We didn’t know whether we would get up from our bed in the next day morning. Our life itself is uncertain, then why the people are losing their control, and murdering their near and dears. Let the people observe patience and cultivate bhakti in their mind, in order to avoid doing crimes.


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