Goshala (Gaushala)



Goshalas are the safety shelters for cows in India. Goshalas aims on taking care of cows in a proper manner, since cows are considered as the sacred animal in Hinduism. Goshalas are established in India from 19th century onwards.

The main aim of the people working in Goshalas is to rescue the wandering cows and to safely keep them in the Goshalas. Goshalas are established by the Hindus in foreign countries also.

Before few centuries, during the Mughal rule, lot of cows were killed for the purpose of human consumption. By seeing that, some Hindu activists formed a group, and started themselves in protecting the cows by establishing cow sheds in various places, which is also known as Goshalas.

According to Hindu Divine Scriptures, cow is considered as the sacred animal, and it is believed that all the divine gods and goddesses are residing in the body of the cow.

It is an important duty of each and every Hindu, to protect the cows, and to prevent them from killing, and to provide them with proper food items. Apart from private Goshalas, in many Hindu temples, cow sheds are available. The temple authorities are using the cow’s milk for doing Abhishekham to the deities, and also used to give the holy milk to the devotees for consuming it.

In TTD, they have established big cow sheds, and using the cow’s milk for doing Abhishekham and using the curd for Annadanam purpose also. Similarly, in Mantralayam, Srisailam and in lot of temples, the cow’s main product as well as the by-product is used for various purposes.It is believed that feeding the cows would relieve us from the Pitru Dosham. It is always suggested to feed the cows with grass, greens, fruits, vegetables and cow fodder, in order to attain goodness in our life.

Cow is our divine mother Kamadhenu who gives all sorts of prosperity to us. Hence let us take care of the cows properly and be blessed.


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