Sharing food with Orphans & Destitutes

Many of the upper middle class and rich people would go for an outing during weekends, or would spend their time by eating rich food in star hotels. Doing such kind of things would definitely give some sort of mental pleasure to them, but that would last only for some time. Instead of that, during weekends, if they prepare food from their homes and offer it to the orphanages, old age homes, and to the road side destitute, definitely they would get more happiness and mental pleasure, than that of spending their time in costly hotels and sight-seeing places.

As per the sayings of Guru Raghavendra, “God has given you sufficient wealth due to your past birth good karmas. Try to utilize it properly, and contribute a portion of your wealth for charity purpose also, since at any time, anything can happen, hence before your death try to do good activities as much as possible”.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita also tells, “GIVE FOOD, GIVE FOOD, GIVE FOOD”, he asks us to donate food to the poor and the needy, and he insists us to do food donation by telling it three times. It is also good to donate nice clothes to the road side beggars, and donating sari with blouse to a beggar woman is considered similar to donating a costly sari to Ma Shakti Devi.

We can also spend some few hours in the old age homes and orphanages and can tell bhakti stories on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, since stories related to Rama and Krishna would give great spiritual pleasure, and due to that, the people in the old age homes, and orphanages would get happiness at least for some time in their life.

We can find great pleasure by offering something to others. During Deepavali and Pongal festivals, we can prepare large quantity of sugar free sweets and snacks and can distribute it to the old aged people. We would get great enjoyment by seeing the satisfied smiles on their face, which we could not get anywhere else.

We can also visit temples and mutts, and can offer Food packets or biscuit packets to the beggars sitting nearby the temples / mutts. I used to regularly offer biscuit packets to the beggars sitting nearby Sri Saibaba Temple, Mylapore. They used to smile, and happily take the biscuit packets.


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