Jagdish Temple, Udiapur, Rajasthan

Jagdish temple, one of the largest temples of Udaipur, is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Ma Laxmi – one creator of the universe and other Goddess of prosperity and luck respectively. Jagdhish temple is very famous temple of Udaipur and located in City Palace Complex. The temple was built in 1651 AD by […]

Jagdish Temple, Vastu Sastra’s finest example

Jagdish temple is a very famous temple of Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is the temple which is one of the largest temples of the Udaipur and it is dedicated to God Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. The temple is constructed in 1651 AD by the then ruler of Udaipur, Maharaja Jagat Singh I. It is constructed following […]

Udaipur Jagdish Temple – Abode of Chaturbhuja Vishnu

Udaipur is such a city of Rajasthan state of India which comprises a large number of small-big and old-new temples of much importance. Although entire Rajasthan is housed with a large number of Hindu temples, yet Jagdhish temple which is one of the largest temple of Udaipur located here in the City Palace Complex of […]

Khatushyam Temple, Rajasthan

Khatushyam temple is a very famous temple which is dedicated to lord Krishna and located at Khatu town of Sikar district of Indian State Rajasthan. Actually the temple belongs to Barbarika, son of Ghatotkack, who obtained a born from the Shri Krishna that he, in Kalyuga, would be worshipped by the name of Shri Krishna […]

History of Kalika Mata Mandir, Chittorgarh Fort

Kalika Mata temple is an ancient temple of Ma Kali or Bhadra Kali, it is located in the Chittorgarh fort between Victory tower and Padmini palace. In 18th century, Bappa Rawal constructed here a temple dedicated to God Surya (Sun) which was destroyed by the Allauddin Khilji, then in 14th century, it was reconstructed and […]

Karauli Kaila Devi Temple – Mahatva (Significance)

Kaila Devi, a Hindi temple, is situated on the bank of Kalisil River in the Karauli district of Indian state Rajasthan. It is located in the hill of Trikut which is 2 km to the north west of Kaila village. The Goddess of prosperity and wealth, Maha Laxmi, here is known and worshipped as Kaila […]

Kalika Mata Temple Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Kalika Mata is one of the famous temples of Rajathan located within the Chittorgargh fort and also one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. It is an ancient temple which is visited by thousands of devotees every day. Kalika Mata temple, as name intimates, is dedicated to Ma Kali also known as Bhadra Kali who is believed […]

Govind Dev Ji Temple, Jaipur

Temple of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji is a very famous Hindu temple situated in City Palace Complex of Jaipur of Rajasthan. As Lord Krishna is known by many names through his devotees, Govind is also one of the famous names of Lord Krishna so the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The king Sawai […]

History of Govind Dev Ji Temple

Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji’s temple of Jaipur Rajasthan has a very prominent place as the other important temples of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan Mathura or rest of India. As the image of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji, according to popular legend, is said to be exactly as lord Krishna was, because it was drawn […]

Ratri Jagran at Kalika Mata Temple, Chittorgarh fort

Kalika Mata Temple of Chittorgarh fort, Rajasthan is also known as Devi Mata temple which is one of the most famous temples of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. It is an ancient temple which has thousands of devotees coming from every corner of India. It is also a famous tourist site so it is also visited by many […]

Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela in Charbhuja Nathji Temple, Rajasthan

Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela at Charbhuja Nathji Temple in Rajasthan is one of the biggest fairs of the state. In 2018, Charbhuja Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela date is September 20. A large fair is held in the village on Jhaljhoolni Gyaras every year. Thousands of devotees come here for worship of lord Charbhuja and get blessings from […]

Neemach Mata Ji Temple, Udaipur

Shri Neemach Mata Ji Temple is a famous temple situated near Fateh Sagar Lake of Diwali area of Udaipur city in Rajasthan. The temple was built in 1952-1680 by the Majarana Ranjeet Singh I. Royal family of Maharana worship her as his clan goddess. The deity of the temple is considered to be very powerful […]

Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a Hanuman Temple in Dausa district, Rajasthan. Lord Hanuman is also referred to as Balaji in several parts of India because the childhood form (Bala Hanuman) of Hanuman is celebrated there. It is to note that ‘Balaji’ is another name for Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Tirupati Temple. Mehandipur Balaji Temple has […]

History of Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

The Glorious narrative of Shri Eklingji tells us that Shri Eklingaji has been in existence since Sat yuga. In that age Indra , the King of Goddess Nandini worshiped Eklingaji. In the Treta age, the  Kamdhenu came running to Shri Eklingji as she was afraid of Vishwamitra. She Prayed to Eklingji and the armies of […]

Tripura Sundari Maa Temple, Umrai (Talwara), Banswara

Tripurasundari Temple in Umrai Alwar

Tripura Sundari Maa Temple is dedicated to Goddess Tripurasundari Ji, located at Umrai (Talwara) near Banswara, Rajasthan. Surrounded by the Aravali hills of the southern Rajasthan and amidst the region full of rivers, ponds and nature’s beautiful valley, is the place called Banswara. This Vagad region of Rajasthan has been a religious place since very […]

Kalyanji Temple, Diggi, Rajasthan (5600 Year Old Temple)

Kalyanji Temple, Diggi, Rajasthan is the 5600 year old temple and most probably the oldest Hindu Temple in the world. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Vaishnavite Temple). Why Kalyanji Temple established at Diggi? King Digva was afflicted with leprosy as he was under the curse of an Apsara (a celestial nymph) of the […]

‘OM’ Shaped Temple in Pali, Rajasthan (OM Ashram)

Om Shaped Temple, Pali, Rajasthan

‘OM’ Shaped Temple in Pali, Rajasthan (OM Ashram).. The central building of this large complex, is constructed in the shape of the ancient Sanskrit symbol OM. The sound of OM consists of three letters: A, U and M. It represents the cosmic vibration, the original eternal sound. OM is the underlying source of creation, adi-anadi […]

Neemach Mata Ji – Vaishno Devi of Udaipur, Mewar

Temple of Shri Neemach Mata Ji is one of the most popular Hindu temples situated in Udaipur Rajasthan. Goddess Shri Neemach Mata has her abode here on the hill near the Fateh Sagar Lake in the Diwali Area of the Udaipur. Shri Neemach Mata Ji who is three bodies in one popularly known as Ammba […]