Raj Rajeshwar Ji Temple, Kushalbagh (Banswara)

Raj Rajeshwar Ji Temple, Kushalbagh near Banswara is a Shiva Temple located in the state of Rajasthan. Raj Rajeshwar Ji is one of the manifestations of Lord Shiva.

Why this Temple was established?

A determined Laxman Singh Sisodiya Established every year a temple of Lord Shiva. There are therefore as many as 52 Shiva Temples in the campus of this chief temple, also known as Bawan deri ( Fifty Two Shrines ).

Significance of the deity in the Temple

A Shiva Lingam renowned by the name of Raja Rajeshwarji is worshipped in accordance with the worship methodology as prescribed in the shastras with elaborate rituals.The liturgical performance of pooja is in keeping with the Sanatan Paddhati or traditional way which alongwith the worship of Shiva Lingam, the worship of Parvati, Ganesh Shanmukh ( Six Headed Kartikeya ) and Nandi ( The great bull of Lord Shiva) is performed.

Unique Features of the Temple

This Shiva temple commands great respect. On Mondays and specially on Shiva Ratan, devotees in thousands visit the temple.

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