Bajrakriti – Govind Ji Temple built by Bajranabh, Lord Krishna’s Grand son

Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji temple is one of the most prominent temples dedicated to the lord Krishna. It has special place in the heart of devotees of Lord Krishna. Temple is located in the City Palace in the Jaipur City of Rajasthan.

The temple structure is built by the red and pink stone following architectural style of Silpa Sastra (Indian Architecture) as well as Mughal and European style of Architecture. Besides the temple, it also includes Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal and some other buildings.

The idol in the temple is called the ‘Bajrakriti’ because it had been made by God Krishna’s great grandson, Bajranabh, which he was only 13 years of age. It was drawn as per the description narrated to him through his grandmother (daughter in law of Lord Shri Krishna). At the completion of the image, it was shown to daughter in law of Shri Krishna and she accepted that Shri Krishna had looked like the image drawn.

King Sawai Jai Singh II, founder of Jaipur -the capital of the state Rajasthan, had brought the idol of Lord Shri Govind Ji Dev from Vrindavan, Mathura. This is one of the prominent temples of Shri Krishna out of Mathura. Celebration of birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is the occasion when thousands of devotees visited here and worshipped.

Lord Shri Govind Dev ji temple is an important temple for the Vaishnavities. Here in the temple, Arti is sung 7 times and Bhog is also offered 7 time a day. A large number of devotees are gathered in the temple at the time when deity is open for worship.

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