Khatushyam Temple, Rajasthan

Khatu Shyam Ji

Khatu Shyam Ji

Khatushyam temple is a very famous temple which is dedicated to lord Krishna and located at Khatu town of Sikar district of Indian State Rajasthan. Actually the temple belongs to Barbarika, son of Ghatotkack, who obtained a born from the Shri Krishna that he, in Kalyuga, would be worshipped by the name of Shri Krishna (Shyam) and devotees who might worship Khatusyam would have everything whatever they wish.

The place where the temple is situated is Khatu and Barbarika is known as Syam as he had boon, so Barbarika is known here as Khatusyam. One more temple is in Vasna, Ahmedabad Gujrat, there, deity Barbarika is known as Baliya Dev.

The main temple was made in 1027 AD by Roop Singh Chauhan and his wife; later in 1720 AD, it was renovated by Diwan Abhai Singh at the behest of Marwar Ruler. The temple is constructed with Lime Mortar, tiles, and marbles while the idol is made out of rare stone. The shutters of the Sanctum Sanctorum look beautiful because of having been covered with silver sheets.

A beautiful hall known as Jagmohan is painted with mythological scenes. Brackets of entrance and exit gate are of marble. In front of entrance, there is an open space besides Syam Bagicha (garden). Flowers of this Bagicha are used in the worship of God.

Phalgun Mela (fair) is the main festival which is celebrated every year. The fair is held 3 or 4 days before the Holi festival (falls in March). The fair is organized because Barbarika’s head was found on Phalgun Shudha Ekadashi.

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