Shila Devi Temple, Jaipur

Shila Devi is another form of Devi Durga. Her famous temple is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The idol was brought by the then king of Bangladesh, Raja Man Singh during 16th century AD. During Navarathri festival days, special pujas would be performed to the holy goddess. Thousands of people from Rajasthan and from nearby villages and cities used to attend the temple, to have a glimpse of Ma Shila Devi.

When King Mansingh was ready to face a battle with the king of Kedar, he sincerely worshipped his Kula Devi Kali, to give victory to him. Ma Kali had given victory to him in the battle field. As a result, the great king Mansingh had constructed a new temple for her, and named it as Shila Devi Temple. Thereafter, all the rulers of Rajasthan began to worship Ma Shila Devi, in order to get victory in the battle field. The holy mother Shila Devi gives good courage, wisdom, health and wealth, and also gives all other prosperity to us. In most of the houses of Rajasthani people, they used to keep the picture of Ma Shila Devi, and would worship her especially during Tuesdays and Fridays by performing puja and chant her slokas.

During the times of battles in Rajasthan, the wives of the ancient soldiers would worship Ma Shila Devi, and would apply Kumkum in the foreheads of their beloved consorts, and would pray to the holy mother for the safe return of their husbands from the battle field.

In ancient times, for most of the kings and the divine avatars Kula Devata is Ma Shakti Devi only, and they have worshipped her in various forms and in various names. Even though, Prahalada’s Ishta Deva was Narasimha, but he worshipped Ma Durga in a different name, and she is his Kula Devi. Similar to our own mother, Ma Shila Devi is hearing our cries, and she is ready to uplift us at any moment of time.


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