Jaldevi Mandir, Sansera, Rajasthan

Ma Jaldevi Mandir is situated in Sansera, Rajasthan, and she is considered to be an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi. This famous temple was built by a king of Rajasthan before few hundred years. Once there occurred severe rain and flood in Rajasthan, and it destroyed all the food crops during the harvesting season. Due to that, the king of Rajasthan, and the farmers had suffered a lot.

One day night, Ma Shakti Devi appeared in the dream of the then king of Rajasthan, and asked him to build a shrine for her at Sansera in Rajasthan. The next day morning the king informed about his dream to his ministers, and then immediately they worshipped Ma Shakti Devi and promised her to build a temple, and asked her to stop the severe floods that destroyed almost the entire city. Within a few days, the rain has stopped and the flood also receded.

The king and his people were very happy, and soon with the help of the experienced architects, the king began to start the construction of the temple, and within a few years, the temple was constructed in Rajasthan, and since Ma Shakti Devi, had stopped the rain and the floods through her supreme powers, the Mandir was named as Jaldevi Mandir.

Ma Jaldevi is also believed to be an incarnation of Ma Ganga, and worshipping Ma Jaldevi is similar to worshipping Ma Ganga. It is believed that those who suffer from prolonged illness, and from water related diseases like common cold and diabetes are suggested to worship Ma Jaldevi, since she is also considered to be the goddess of oceans, similar to Lord Varuna Bhagavan.

Similar to other Shakti Devi shrines, Navarathri festival is celebrated in this temple in a nice manner. Devotees would observe fasting during the Navarathri days, and at the end of fasting, they would take Ma Jaldevi’s Prasad items like fruits and milk. Some YouTube videos are also available in the Internet in praise of Ma Jaldevi. Those who are unable to visit this temple directly can at least chant the Mantra, “OM MATA JALDEVI NAMAHA”, in order to get all kinds of prosperity in their life.


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