Jeenmata Temple, Sikar

Jeen Mata Temple Rajasthan

Jeen Mata Temple Rajasthan

Jeenmata Temple is situated in a village in Rajasthan, and it is an ancient Temple dedicated to the holy goddess, Ma Jeenmata. She is believed to be an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi, and her festival would be held at her temple during Chaitra Purnima and during Vijaya Dashami Festival days.

During these festival times, lakhs of devotees from all parts of India would visit this holy temple in order to get the divine blessings of Jeenmataji. The temple management provides free lodging facilities for the pilgrims, and small hotels are also available nearby this powerful temple, and they provide tasty unlimited food at an affordable cost to the pilgrims. The temple is located inside the dense forest, and the temple was built before 1,200+odd years.

This temple was renovated several times, with the donations received from the kind hearted donors.Village people in Rajasthan used to worship her as their Kula Devata. All classes of Hindus are worshipping her with much devotion and dedication in their mind. She is mainly worshipped by her devotees, for getting rid from unknown diseases, black magic problems and from mental disorders.

It is believed that she was born in a village in Rajasthan, and lived as a chaste and a noble woman. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, and due to her selfless devotion, Lord Shiva had granted a boon to her of becoming a goddess in Rajasthan, in order to protect the people from their sufferings. Most of the village goddesses exist in the form of soul, and doing wonders in the life of their devotees. They would chase away the evil spirits from our homes, and would give good strength to our mind and body. They are our divine mother, and would immediately present before us during our urgent call.


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