Gangajal | Gangajalam | Sacred Water of River Ganga

The sacred water of River Ma Ganga actually originates from the Himalayas, and it freely flows to several places. The water is praised for its purity and holiness which contains various natural medicinal herbs, which would purify our mind and body.Pilgrims used to collect Ganga water from the holy river, through bottles and big containers. […]

Japamala | String of Prayer Beads

A Japamala is a collection of prayer beads commonly usually used by the Hindus, while doing meditation or worshipping the god. Japamala would be in the form of Tulasi Mala or Rudraksha Mala. Ancient sages and saints used this Mala in order to attain liberation. The main purpose of using Japamala at the time of […]

Puja Articles

Puja Articles are very essential and valuable items which would be permanently kept in our puja room. Puja Articles are mostly used by the temple priests, since only with these things they are able to do all kinds of pujas and Abhisekhams to the deities. In ancient times, when a pontiff from a mutt travels […]

Kumkum, Turmeric & Sandal – Divine Products in Hinduism

Kumkum, Sandal and Turmeric are considered as sacred products in Hinduism. Most of the Hindu women used to apply Kumkum, Sandal and Turmeric in their body, and by doing that, their face would look very bright and they would feel that goddess Lakshmi would dwell in their homes. The system of using these holy products […]