Significance of Japa Mala (Prayer Beads)

What is the significance of Japa Mala (Prayer beads) in Hinduism? Let us read the explanation about Japa Mala in the words of Sri Sri Ravishankar. He explained it during a Satsang of Art of Living… You know when someone is in love with somebody; they go on taking their name so many times. They […]

Decorate Deities Pictures with Colourful Lamps

Let’s decorate the deity pictures with colourful lamps, like the one, which was photographed by me from my puja room, and attached with this article. Similar to decorating our children with colourful shirts and pants, let’s also concentrate some attention to decorate the great almighty. Daily during evening at least for a few hours, let’s […]

Gangajal | Gangajalam | Sacred Water of River Ganga

The sacred water of River Ma Ganga actually originates from the Himalayas, and it freely flows to several places. The water is praised for its purity and holiness which contains various natural medicinal herbs, which would purify our mind and body.Pilgrims used to collect Ganga water from the holy river, through bottles and big containers. […]

Swamy T-Shirts

We should always buy T-Shirts in such a manner, that it should be engraved with Swamy’s picture. Artists would also come forward to draw the pictures of our favourite deities on the T-Shirts, based on our request, and instead of printing the pictures of our near and dear ones on the T-Shirts, and instead of […]

Natural Things are Highly Spiritual

Natural perfumes such as Sandal paste, Neem and Turmeric are highly spiritual in nature, since these items contain lot of medicinal properties, which heals various skin diseases of the people. We could find that the idols present in the temples would be frequently adorned with sandal paste by the priests, in order to make the […]

Swamy Cabinets

We could find wonderful Swamy cabinets in the Temples, and it would be used to fill it up with Swamy Dress materials and important puja materials and some ornaments also would be kept inside the Swamy Cabinets. These cabinets would be locked tightly and the key would be kept by the main Temple Staff, and […]

Swamy Stickers

Swamy stickers are very popularly used during the 1980’s especially by the small children. Children would even fight with each other to procure their favourite film star stickers from the roadside shops, and after getting it, with a happy smile, they used to stick it on their shirts, bags and also on their belts. But […]

Swami Dhotis

Swamy dhotis are very popular among the Ayyappa devotees and Murugan Devotees. Those who wish to participate in the Sabarimala Yatra, used to wear saffron, black or blue colour dhotis, since these colours are favourite to Swamy Ayyappa. Likewise, Saneeswara devotees used to wear black colour dhotis whenever they visit the Saneeswara temples. Devotees those […]

Swamy Bags

Swamy bags would be mostly available on the shops situated nearby the popular temples, and these bags would contain the images of the deities like Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Muruga and Vinayaka. For Sabarimala pilgrims, the Ayyappa Guruswamy would give them a bag containing the image of Lord Ayyappa, and in that bag, the puja items […]

Digital Arts of Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Nowadays due to the fast improvement in science and technology and fast expansion of modernisation, the art field is almost digitalised. Manual drawings have almost lost its importance, and in place of that, digital arts have occupied. Pictures are drawn using Multimedia and using Microsoft Word Paint Brush, instead of using pen and paper. Artists […]

Swamy Costumes & Ornaments

Lord Venkateswara Swamy’ s costumes and ornaments look very rich, and it would add more beauty to his appearance. Likewise, the deity ornaments and costumes is the main attraction in the temples, and compared with other deities, the deity of Vishnu would be adorned with costly garments and rich ornaments. Ancient Chola, Chera and Pandya […]

Swamy Diaries

Similar to Swamy Calenders, Swamy Diaries also play a significant role in the daily life of the devotees. Diaries act as a note book for maintaining our day to day activities, and also we can write about the details of our day to day household expenses in that. Swamy Diaries could be purchased in bulk […]

Swamy Key chains

Most of us would be having various varieties of Key Chains with us, and most of the teenagers would prefer modern key chains for their two wheelers containing the Love Symbol . But middle aged and old aged people would prefer buying key chains containing the images of the “OM” Symbol , Lord Venkateswara, Buddha, […]

Swamy Books

By reading Swamy books, we would get a great sense of satisfaction, and it also offers a great and grand feast to our eyes. Reading spiritual books is an easy way of expressing our bhakti from our home itself, and we cannot find any strain in reading books. It is much easier than that of […]

Sri Chakra | Sri Yantra

Sri Chakra also known as Sri Yantra, is a form of Yantra which would be kept in some of the temples of Ma Shakti Devi. It gives great powers to the human body, and those who worship the Sri Chakra would get good memory power, good health, and they would be freed from their sins. […]

Puja Articles

Puja Articles are very essential and valuable items which would be permanently kept in our puja room. Puja Articles are mostly used by the temple priests, since only with these things they are able to do all kinds of pujas and Abhisekhams to the deities. In ancient times, when a pontiff from a mutt travels […]

Vinayagar Kudai | Lord Ganesha’s Sacred Umbrella

Vinayagar Kudai also called as Pillayar Kudai is a small Umbrella which is made out of paper and small wood pieces. This Umbrella would be usually small in size and would cost around Rs.20/- to Rs.50/- based on the size of the Umbrella. Normally these Umbrellas would be sold in the streets and in the […]

Japamala | String of Prayer Beads

A Japamala is a collection of prayer beads commonly usually used by the Hindus, while doing meditation or worshipping the god. Japamala would be in the form of Tulasi Mala or Rudraksha Mala. Ancient sages and saints used this Mala in order to attain liberation. The main purpose of using Japamala at the time of […]

Kumkum, Turmeric & Sandal – Divine Products in Hinduism

Kumkum, Sandal and Turmeric are considered as sacred products in Hinduism. Most of the Hindu women used to apply Kumkum, Sandal and Turmeric in their body, and by doing that, their face would look very bright and they would feel that goddess Lakshmi would dwell in their homes. The system of using these holy products […]