Hindupad FB Page got hacked, deleted by Hackers :(



Hindupad’s Facebook Page got hacked, redirected and deleted by the hackers. Please do not pay attention or respond to any personal messages you get from Hindupad’s FB Page from now till the issue gets resolved.

On 9th September 2018, evening, a person called ‘Alyssa kozer’ from the Facebook page called ‘Odysseus ARMS’ has invited to me to work on their business page. And I accepted it and entered my Page URL ( https://www.facebook.com/HindupPad/ ) in the Add page slot. Just after clicking the OK button, I have got a mail from Facebook stating “You have been removed from Odysseus ARMS by Madison Sigler on Facebook Business Manager. This means you won’t have access to any ad accounts or Pages you were working on as part of the business. If you don’t think you should have been removed, please contact your Business Manager admin.” I lost my access to my own Page called Facebook.com/HinduPad and they removed the page. And for a day or a couple they redirected my page to https://www.facebook.com/HindupPad77/ .

I have reported the issue to Facebook many times since 9th September, but no response from them except the automatic acknowledgements.

Note: Dear Facebook employees whoever reading this, please make this post reach the correct destination who can solve this issue and restore Hindupad’s Page. Anyone who have contacts with Facebook employees can also help. Please help us restore the Page.

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