Gangajal | Gangajalam | Sacred Water of River Ganga

Mata Ganga Devi

Mata Ganga Devi

The sacred water of River Ma Ganga actually originates from the Himalayas, and it freely flows to several places. The water is praised for its purity and holiness which contains various natural medicinal herbs, which would purify our mind and body.Pilgrims used to collect Ganga water from the holy river, through bottles and big containers. Nowadays,we can see that some companies are selling pure Ganga water at reasonable rates, for the benefit of the general public. Small Ganga Jal bottles would be available in some big puja stores, and also we can get it from some big travel agencies.

Similar to consuming the holy Tulasi Theertha in the Vishnu temples, we can also drink the tasty Ganga water, since in that water, her love and affection is also mixed, since she is our holy mother goddess. The sanctity of Ganga water is mentioned in our various puranas and in other sacred texts of Hinduism, and this precious water also cures various dreaded diseases of the devotees.

Since Ma Ganga fell down from the hair of Lord Shiva, and reached the earth, she contains the powers of Lord Shiva, and she is also considered as an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi. Due to the severe penance of the great king Bhagiratha, we have all got the opportunity to see the holy River in our naked eyes, and to drink the holy Ganga water. Many great Puranic kings like Prahalada, Dhruva and Vikramaditya have visited and worshipped the holy River.

The significance of Ma Ganga is she is worshipped by all types of people, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, by considering her as the holy River. The great Bhishma has observed life-long celibacy due to the blessings of his mother Ma Ganga. At the present situation, the holy River is contaminated, since some people used to regularly throw the garbage in the sacred river. Though the government is taking lot of efforts for cleaning the river, still it is filled up with lot of wastage.

We should help the volunteers by joining with them in the “CLEAN GANGA MOVEMENT”, and must co-operate with them, by the way of removing the dirt from the holy river.Since the holy mother Ganga is showering her grace on to her devotees, it is a must for us, to protect her from dust and dirt and must purify the holy river.


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