Swamy Diaries

Similar to Swamy Calenders, Swamy Diaries also play a significant role in the daily life of the devotees. Diaries act as a note book for maintaining our day to day activities, and also we can write about the details of our day to day household expenses in that. Swamy Diaries could be purchased in bulk by the companies, and it can be distributed to their staffs during the end of the year. Diaries act as a best accounting book, since we could be able to know, at any point of time, about the amount spent by us, by verifying the diaries.

In some Cinemas also, we would have seen, that the CID Officers gets a proper clue about the crimes only after verifying the diaries. Apart from household expenses, we could also write about the places which we visited, meetings held with others, and also about the details of functions held in our homes, sharing of lighter moments with our friends, children and relatives and many more. Diaries must be properly preserved and protected by us, since in course of time, we could recollect the wonderful past memories, by referring to the diaries, and we could also get an opportunity to see the handwriting of our beloved parents, even after their death.

Diary writing must be made as a habit, and in Swamy Diaries, we could also write the “SRI RAMA JAYAM”, or “SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA”, in between the empty spaces. Instead of buying ordinary diaries, we must have to buy Swamy Diaries, like the one published by the TTD, since we could get an opportunity to see the pictures of the deities on a daily basis from the Swamy Diaries.

Everything is based on our belief only. If we consider the idol of the god as god, then it would appear before our eyes as god, or otherwise, we could see only a stone, in place of the deities. Hence let us purchase lot of Swamy diaries during the year end, in order to distribute it to the orphanages and other social welfare institutions, for seeing the smiling faces of the children of the god.


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